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Top Marketing Channels to Promote Your Vapor Stores

Vapor Stores and Their Top Marketing Channels for Success

By now it’s undeniable that vaping is popular among all ages. In this enormous market is an overflow of product choices both online and in-store. So the question is- how can vapor stores stand out in a saturated market? With endless purchasing options for consumers, it’s paramount to establish an acclaimed reputation in the industry. Consider these top marketing channels vapor stores must use to climb to the top of the industry.


Let’s start with Facebook. It’s no surprise Facebook is a top marketing channel considering the number of users and options for engagement in personalized groups. Vapers often take interest in vape communities and one form of involvement is a Facebook group. Conduct a search for local vaping groups, and if one doesn’t already exist, take the steps to create one. Alternatively, non-geographically based groups offer opportunity to grow your online market and practice interaction with consumers. Promote your brand on this channel or focus on relationship building with consumers committed to the industry. Relationships with consumers build trust and offer opportunity for feedback and genuine consumer insights.


Next comes the most visual social media: Instagram. The uproar of vape tricksters on Instagram makes it an ideal tool for vapor store promotion. Engage consumers through an Instagram photo challenge, encouraging likes and tagging. Provide winners with giveaways of your products as the reward. Not only will this promote your product and brand, but it may also help you acquire a group of brand ambassadors. If that isn’t great enough, take hashtags into consideration. Vape stores have the power of community hashtags on their side to land their content in relevant areas of exposure.


Gain credibility through YouTube reviews from well-respected influencers in your target market. Consumers tend to value word-of-mouth recommendations more than company messages, and these days, a majority of consumers refer to online reviews to confirm purchasing decisions. With positive influencer reviews on your side, you profit the verbal approval of respected consumers in your market.


Social media is a powerful tool, but good face-to-face rapport is the ultimate secret weapon. Let’s face it, while the vaping world is rapidly growing, standing out is essential. The ability to build in-person relationships and establish community around your brand will position you as the top-of-mind company for all things vape.

Attend a vape expo, set up a booth, and connect with your target market. A good product backed by a reputable brand with likeable people can’t be beat. Personalize your interaction with consumers even further by planning a meet-up with prizes to create a local vape community. The goal is that your company becomes the leading store locals recommend for all things vape.


Yes, people do still read magazines and their specificity makes them an excellent channel for marketing. Online and print magazines exist in vaping culture and both serve as reliable mediums for advertisements and content. Remember the importance of directly reaching your target audience and the capability this niche-oriented channel allows.

Utilization and frequent use of the right channels grant your brand opportunities for user engagement far beyond simple product use. A community established by your vapor store leads consumers to associate your brand with a personality over the mere products you sell. When it comes to marketing, a mixture of face-to-face and online interaction yields optimal results. Brand recognition strengthens in the consumer eye the more your name is heard and the more you interact in an online or physical space.

For help establishing your presence in the vape industry, contact Kraus Marketing for a marketing plan designed just for your company. Our social media and design professionals are ready to take your brand to the next level!