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NYC Breweries Continue to Pop Up: Here’s How to Position Your Site

Rise to The Top of NYC Breweries

Several breweries scatter the terrain of the Big Apple and it seems a new one shows up every day. With an overwhelming choice of NYC breweries, it’s easy for New Yorkers to mentally put your brewery in the “just another brewery” category of their mind. Attracting them to your establishment over the competition is no easy task, and in this case, beer is not just beer.

Inevitably with excess competition, a lot more goes into choosing which brewery to visit. Besides a promising beer selection, consumers ponder other aspects of the brewery experience, like culture and personality. Good beer isn’t the only avenue to a regular brewery fan base. It’s critical to position your brand as a unique occupier of the market. But how do you make a good first impression to potential customers? Presumably, a quick Google search is a likely means to influence the decision. Which means your brewery website is your lifeline for future business. Learn how to position your website to attract customers into your store.

Differentiate your brewery. The true art of positioning defines your brand’s uniqueness from its competitors. All breweries sell beer and supply free games, so why is your brewery superior? If you specialize in a specific type of beer or fill a gap in the market, pinpoint that differentiating factor to your customers. Discover what type of brewery-goer you attract and captivate them to plan a visit.

Write a position statement and make it visible. Reiterate your position with a clear-cut positioning statement. Place it wisely on your site, precisely in a high-traffic area to ensure visitors read it. It’s best to keep it concise and incredibly specific. Clearly define your position in your market and leave no room for guessing.

Curate an online experience. Quality beer means a lot, but experience is everything. Within the first 30 seconds a potential customer visits your site, it’s essential they grasp your brand personality. Again, the distinction between breweries is environment and culture. An effective site illustrates the experience your brewery provides in real life. Genuinely analyze what the customer experience looks like at your store and then adapt it to a digital format. Use strong visuals and consistent tone-of-voice to exemplify this.

Grab interest with compelling visuals. Make your site visually appealing and capture a sense of your brewery’s environment through the look of your website. Visuals present a chance to inspire curiosity and people are predominantly visual. Stylized designs associate character with your brand and highlights personality. An impressive expression of brand identity through design may even initiate a post-happy hour visit to your establishment.

Use language to personify your brand. If your brewery were a person what would that person be like? The written word offers endless opportunity for personality to shine through. Whether your brand is humorous, geeky, silly, or sarcastic, express its true qualities in the language you use with your readers. Your tone-of-voice plays a major role in how clientele interpret your brand.

A clear and repetitive position is foundational for building a brand in a geographically jammed market. Refer to your positioning statement as your baseline to identify if the content of your website reflects your written position. In this mobile era, an impressionable website makes all the difference in the success of your business. Equally, your online identity must accurately reflect that of your brick-and-mortar store. With a strategically positioned website and consistent brand image your business is on track for a great impression on New York City brewery-goers.

Does your brewery need assistance in positioning its website to interest viewers? The Kraus Marketing team is available to help. Contact our team and start a conversation about improving your business.

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