How to Be an Effective Content Marketing Producer

How to Be an Effective Content Marketing Producer

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You’re pouring your heart and soul into your content, and your customers still aren’t falling in love with it. Sounds like you need to hit the “refresh” button on your content strategy!

Too many content marketers are pumping out content for content’s sake. It’s not entirely their fault…after all, content is the backbone of your digital strategy. But creating content just to fill space could potential work against you if it’s not optimized or of interest to your audience.

What are some necessary ways to improve your content strategy? We spill how to be an effective content marketing producer below.

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Capturing relevant information about customers, fans, followers, and friends enable us to create more personalized interactions. In turn, we can better understand how to provide the best possible experience for our target audience.

Is Your Content Flopping? Learn How to Be an Effective Content Marketing Producer

Spell Out Your Goals

The best way to revamp your content strategy is to start from scratch! Since we’re no longer pumping out content for the fun of it, start by defining (or re-defining) your objective and strategy. Are you fixated on boosting lead generation? Polishing your customer retention? Fostering customer loyalty? Maybe winning more followers? Remember, your goal directly impacts the next steps of your content strategy, so make sure they’re clearly defined!

Introduce Your Target Audience

Do you know the phrase, “Trying to sell to everyone will have you selling to no one?” Well, it speaks true! Not all customers are equal in this marketing game; some will get you the results you’re looking for, but many will not. That’s why it’s vital to establish who your target customer really is. Creating a buyer persona can help narrow down the little details of your dream customers, creating much more valuable and long-lasting leads from your content.

Keep a Content Calendar

Planning is crucial in all aspects of lifeincluding content marketing! Instead of focusing on hurried posts and small wins, content calendars help you seal the deal on long-term success. Start by defining your goals, choosing your channels, sprinkle in your content at data-backed times, and the magic happens. Your followers start expecting your content—even craving it! Continue to humanize your brand and show off its unique personality, and you’ll build brand loyalty that lasts a lifetime.

Write Long-Form, Evergreen Copy

There’s a certain type of content that keeps that “fresh” scent for viewers to enjoy over a long period of time the Evergreen content! This clever concept actually stems from the real-life evergreen tree, with its mighty symbol of perpetual life. In the marketing world, this leafy-green content is search-optimized and endlessly relevant, with only minute updates related to dates or data. Some crisp instances of evergreen copy include “how-to” guides, FAQs, testimonials, glossaries of terms and phrases, industry resources, “history of” articles, and tutorials.

Repurpose Leftover Content

Leftovers are always yummy, even in content form! Once a killer content piece is introduced, you can beautifully re-season it in a brand-new format to entice new readers. Why do we do this? Well, each person’s learning style is unique; some are visual learners, auditory learners, or kinesthetic learners. You want to make sure you attract learners of all types to your content. You can do so by generating infographics, videos, slideshows, podcasts, whitepapers, useable snippets… the list goes on!

Capturing relevant information about customers, fans, followers, and friends enable us to create more personalized interactions.

Analyze Your Results

The show’s over, and the curtain falls. But that doesn’t mean your job is done. Looking back on your content performance can help determine if your blood, sweat, and tears during this process paid off, or if you should move in a different direction. Did you use the right channels? Did your content connect with your audience? Did your ROI increase? Utilizing master analytics tools like Google Analytics, SEMrush’s position tracking tool, etc., will help you trim the stray hairs on your content strategy and keep your customers coming back.

Close the Gap Between You and Your Customers

Content marketing is a commitment, not just a campaign. It’s a continuous cycle of addressing and re-addressing fickle buyer needs. Don’t get lost in the shuffle. Let Kraus Marketing handle your marketing needs, so you can focus on driving your business. Contact us today to start making a lasting impact on your customers.

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