Are You Using These Real Estate Marketing Tips to Help Drive Sales?

Are You Using These Real Estate Marketing Tips to Help Drive Sales?

Are You Using These Real Estate Marketing Tips to Help Drive Sales? 1500 1000 Kraus Marketing

5 Real Estate Marketing Tips to Take Advantage Of

In the competitive world of real estate, a realtor is only as good as their listings. What are you doing to advertise yours? If you feel like your real estate business isn’t getting the traction it needs, it could be a marketing issue. If you want to maximize your success, read on for our top real estate marketing tips to help drive sales!

Social media

If you work in real estate, you should be on social media! It is one of the best ways to share information about your listings and create interested clients. Social media is meant for sharing photos, so it’s already optimized to show off your listings. On platforms like Instagram, there are large communities interested in lifestyle or luxury posts. Tap into this market by being sure to share your ritziest listings and making them easily discoverable with hashtags. Or on a platform like Pinterest, try making a picture board to inspire clients. Include pictures of your listing, the surrounding area, and design choices that could complement the house! Make sure your username or handle is the same across all of your accounts, and always have your contact information listed so it’s easy to reach you.

Get online

Another real estate marketing tip is to make full use of the internet. You want to have your own website and blog, both optimized for SEO, to help attract internet traffic. You can post your listings directly to your site to encourage clients to keep checking back, keeping them informed and boosting your search result ranking at the same time. However, you also want to cross post your listings on other homebuying sites. Because these websites represent about half of all internet traffic related to real estate searches, it’s essential that you keep your listings up to date on both your personal website and your profile on other sites. Many homebuyers search online before contacting a realtor, so make sure your listings are easy to access and have your contact information attached. Lastly, make sure your listings are mobile-friendly so clients can view them on their phones!

Stay in touch

An important part of real estate is the relationships you build with your clients! To really be successful, you have to stay in touch both before and after the sale. Personalized email marketing can keep you fresh in the client’s mind, while a weekly newsletter can show off your newest listings. Try offering a free ebook to clients—by entering their email address, they receive a book filled with all your best advice, and you can add them to your mailing list! You can also use fliers, brochures, and other paper mail to convince clients to buy.

After you close a sale, don’t forget to continue to reach out. Periodically contacting the new homeowners to see how they’re doing and ask for referrals to friends and family shows you care and can win you business in the future.

Creative visuals

A great real estate marketing tip is to get creative with your visuals. Drone photography creates beautiful aerial shots of the house and surrounding areas, particularly if there’s a scenic natural view. You can also include photos of nearby stores or landmarks to help sell clients on the neighborhood. Using video and livestreams can also be an innovative way to get clients involved. Try offering live walkthroughs or recorded virtual tours so clients can explore listings without leaving their house. You can also offer live Q and A sessions online to connect with your clients and discuss specific listings. Encouraging active participation in the real estate process helps you stand out as a realtor and can make your clients feel more at ease with making big financial decisions. Although there are certainly some tried and true strategies in real estate, don’t be afraid to experiment with new and creative visuals to help market your listings!

Events and education

Another great real estate marketing tip is to focus on events and education. Open houses are a real estate staple, but try mixing it up by hosting a happy hour or holiday party! By throwing different and exciting events, you can invite the community to take part and spread the word about your real estate business. You can also partner with local businesses for catering and ask them to help advertise the event, which will magnify your reach.

Besides hosting events, it’s also smart to focus on education. Holding webinars or seminars on homebuying, the nuances of the local market, and real estate best practices will establish you as a trusted advisor to your clients. It introduces more people to your business and helps build interactions between yourself and your community to increase your client base.

With these real estate marketing tips, the traffic to your listings and your business may see an impressive boost. Keep these tips in mind next time you list a property online to find real estate success!

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