Instagram Stories for Marketing Real Estate Listings

Instagram Stories for Marketing Real Estate Listings

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How to Utilize Instagram Stories to Show Off Your Listings

Social media is a great way for real estate agents to promote their listings and services to a wider audience. You can easily share pertinent information with potential buyers and gain interest from others in your area. So, why not try Instagram Stories to set yourself apart from the competition?

Here are some strategies you can try when incorporating Instagram Stories into your social media plan.

Post Repeat Content

Stories are a great opportunity to re-post a listing without cluttering your followers’ feeds. If you post the same content too often, you can bore or annoy followers into hitting unfollow. Instead, use Stories to remind people about an old post or repeat listing.

Virtual Open Houses

Use the Instagram Live feature of Stories to hold a virtual open house. Take viewers on a tour of the property like you would in-person to easily relay important and interesting details about the listing. This can draw renewed interest to a property that people were not able to see in person. You can answer questions as they pop up on the live feed and encourage interested buyers to DM you for more information. Be sure to announce when you will be conducting a live open house in advance so that followers know to tune in.

Behind the Scenes

Posting Stories about the prep that goes into setting up an open house or a look into the environment of an active open house can grow your credibility with followers. Showcasing your hard work will prove your drive to provide the best service to your clients. You can even post “sneak peaks” of the home prior to the start of an open house or before a listing goes live to grow excitement.

Encourage Interaction

Posting Stories with polls and questions will encourage followers to interact and get to know you and your business better. You can use this as an opportunity to have fun with your followers by asking what improvements they’d make to a certain listing or conduct research by asking what they are looking for in future listings. This is an easy way to get to know your customer base.

Show Off Your Knowledge

One way to impress potential clients is to use Stories to show off your industry knowledge. You can hold Q&As that allow followers to ask questions about current listings, general buying and selling tips, and any other real estate related queries. You can also film short videos of yourself giving advice on these topics. This is an opportunity to gain credibility, show off your personality, and show followers why they should trust you over another agent.

Create Highlights

After 24 hours, Instagram Stories automatically delete and are archived so that only you can go back and see them. Story highlights allow you to pin content to the top of your profile to be seen past the 24-hour mark. You can create a separate highlight for each active listing as an easy way for followers to locate information. Or, you can highlight any content you have posted such as polls or Q&As that you think followers would be interested in seeing again.

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