Today’s Laugh – Learn From The Best Of Bad Design

Today’s Laugh – Learn From The Best Of Bad Design

Today’s Laugh – Learn From The Best Of Bad Design 1280 853 Kraus Marketing

Turning A Bad Design Into A Great One With The Right Designer

We’ve all seen them – bad designs. While some may border on hilarious and are good for a laugh, some may just be downright inappropriate. Many people fancy themselves designers and think because they have used Adobe Photoshop a few times, they’re now experts. But it turns out there is a lot more to design conception, production and implementation than the average person would know. There are many stages to the design process, so if your business is your pride and joy, perhaps the consideration of a web or graphic designer may be beneficial. Let’s show you how things can go wrong – so we can make it right.

Awkward wording

Sometimes the information we are trying to convey doesn’t read so well. What happens when you are designing a children’s menu, and you really want to stress that the following foods are for children only. It may read something like this, “Children’s Menu: Child Rib, Child Hotdog, Child Burger.” If ordering your food results in you losing your appetite, something is wrong. Be clear in your design. There are many ways a designer could communicate this menu appropriately with clear placement of food items. This is an easy fix.

Too much to say

We understand that as a business, you have a lot of information to give your clients. Something that can be overlooked is that while you understand your message, it may not be so clear for those of us on the receiving end. Ask yourself, if you weren’t knowledgeable about your business – would you understand the message? Sometimes an overloaded sign could put multiple points on top of each other, connecting each point into one confusing message. “People are eating children in this area please leash your dog & clean up after them.” This sign says it all.

Sensible here, nonsensical there

If you are going to use a company logo or imagery throughout numerous advertising mediums, make sure it works across every platform. While a logo may look amazing on a business card or as a letterhead, displaying it on the side of a car may be a different story. What happens when you stick a real estate agent’s headshot on the side of a car? If his head is on the window and his shoulders are on the body of the car, you’d be in for some amazing visual effects of a disappearing head. Be mindful of your logo placement and make sure it can adapt to any location.

Bad designs are everywhere. A fun Google search could enlighten you with some very entertaining designs that have gone wrong. Fortunately, Kraus Marketing has a team of skilled designers who are knowledgeable and mindful of every stage of the design process. Contact us today, so you can put your design needs into the right hands. With Kraus Marketing, you can rest assured that all your logo design needs will be met and exceeded.

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