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Real Estate Reality: Smart Homes Appeal to Millenials

Why Smart Homes are More Attractive to Millennials Than Traditional Homes

Smart homes are the future. While there are very evident disadvantages and advantages of converting your traditional home into a smart home – it seems millennials are more likely to jump on the pro smart home bandwagon than any other demographic. As a real estate agency, it is important to know just what your target market is searching for.

Owning a home has been put on hold for many millennials because of an increase in school debt and the belief that their financial situation may prevent them from doing so. However, as one of the largest impending groups of home buyers, the desire to own is there. So, what kind of home would be ideal for the generation of instant gratification and technology? A smart home.

Smart homes & technology

Millennials love technology. A love affair that might just be the most poignant and shared amongst a quarter of the world’s population. Having lived in a pre-internet era, having to wait for their favorite song to come on the radio, and pre-dating smart phones, this generation has type of appreciation for these homes. A generation that was just the right age to absorb and understand these monumental evolutions of technology would rightfully be the group to truly immerse themselves in it.

A smart home is just another way to incorporate technology into an already heavily technology-ridden society. You can work, socialize, travel, shop, and do business online – why not run your home the same way?

Smart homes & connectivity

Millennials love to be connected. Stemming from the first instances of social connectivity, keeping in touch when you were no longer physically present became a necessity. Call it the infamous fear of missing out – needing to know what’s going on no matter where you are is the ultimate power. Manageable flexibility and connective power are features millennials will pay top dollar for.

A smart home is your connection when you are no longer home. Imagine not having to worry about keeping lights on after you’ve left or wondering if you closed the garage door. You have the ability to customize the areas of your home you deem most important. The beauty of it all is you have the controls at your fingertips with the push of a button.

Smart homes & the explorer

Millennials love a good deal. This a generation of individuals who love to travel and explore the unknown on a budget. Renting out their homes while they’re off on an adventure has become widely popular. With renters coming in and out without ever having actual physical contact with the home owner – a smart home would be the perfect solution.

A smart home allows secure access and communication between the home owner and visitor. With features like doorbell cameras, custom access codes, smart locks, and instant notifications – owners can rent their homes with ease and comfort.

As realtors, it’s important to know where the largest group of impending home owners’ heads are at. The future of real estate is adapting to the needs of this technology-savvy, connected, and highly innovative generation. If you require more information for your marketing practices – Kraus Marketing can help. We have branding specialists who can develop and facilitate an effective marketing strategy, so your target audience can find you. Contact us today to learn more!