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Important SEO Trends in 2019

SEO Trends to Keep an Eye Out For

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is your key driver behind attracting organic search traffic. If someone has made an inquiry in a search engine and you are the answer – you need to optimize your website, so they can find you. Every year we see more and more changes to SEO’s best practices, so every year we make the necessary adjustments. The days of hidden and stuffing keywords are behind us.

In more recent years, these SEO adjustments have been more about adapting to the changes in technology and the way users are making their search inquiries. It’s safe to say that these upcoming SEO trends of 2019 may very well be some of the biggest.


With almost 60% of searches being made from mobile devices – it’s not surprising that your website will rank higher if it’s fully functional on a mobile device. This means your website must be responsive and fast. A slow-loading website could kill your mobile-first index ranking if people are landing on your site and leaving within seconds. This should prompt companies to make these updates to their existing website if they know they have an issue with site speed.

Voice Search

Moving one step further into the modernization of technology, voice search is coming in hot. It’s estimated that by the year 2020 – over half of the population’s search inquiries will be by voice. What do we know about ranking for voice search? It seems that voice results are more than 50% faster than an average Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Simple content ranked supreme with voice search results written at a 9th grade level and featured snippets may also help your voice ranking, as 40.7% of the results were from featured snippets.

Blockchain technology

The future of trustworthy transaction records may rest on your website’s adoption of a blockchain-based identity system. Imagine a decentralized system that keeps detailed records of site engagement, visitor identity, or blog posts that have turned into a conversion. There’s no room for hacking or human error – resulting in real click-throughs from real people. Mistaking engagement from a bot would be a thing of the past. As it stands, ad fraud costs advertisers upwards of $5 billion a year.

Amazon search

Amazon search optimization is becoming a thing, with close to 75% of shoppers using to make their purchases. Besides having the easiest and quickest method of placing an order and having it at your door the next day – their detailed product pages and reviews allow customers to avoid a search beforehand. Over half of American consumers go directly to first to begin the shopping process.

It has become very evident that we are on the verge of significant change. The importance of understanding the technologies of today are essential for your business. At Kraus Marketing, we are always a step ahead of SEO’s best practices, making sure you get the engagement your business deserves. Contact us today to learn more about our design, branding, SEO, and web development services!