Customer Testimonials Power Ecommerce

Customer Testimonials Power Ecommerce

Customer Testimonials Power Ecommerce1280757 Kraus Marketing

How Customer Testimonials are Powerful for Ecommerce Companies

There’s a decent level of trust that’s needed when making a purchase online. We take multiple risks if we have not yet purchased a particular item – hoping that it’s as pictured, good quality, and worth the shipping costs. Going into a physical store is a whole different ballgame. We can see the merchandise, speak with a sales associate who could further answer our questions or concerns, and ultimately make a secure transaction.

Owning an Ecommerce website requires you to give your customers a peace of mind. You need to give them your word, and the word of your previous customers. Customer testimonials may just be more important than the price and quality of your products, because the step before they click that “place order” order button, is trust. So, what do customer testimonials really do?

Show your expertise

This is the place where you show potential buyers just how credible you are as a business. Any feedback that outlines how you have provided a quality product or service, and were knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire process until delivery – will show you are a trustworthy provider in your industry. The more people read this, the more inclined they will be to put their trust in your expertise as opposed to a competitor.

Tell the right story

If you are asking for specific feedback, this is a good time to dig deep. Try and find a way to get feedback not just on a quantitative level, but qualitative. Ask how the product or service made them feel and how it improved their opinion of online shopping. People want to connect with others, and if they see a story that’s relatable, they’ll be more willing to follow suit.

Address an emotion

More times than not, purchasing certain items has nothing to do with necessity. We shop for pleasure or whatever emotional state encourages us to spend our money. Online – our emotions may be put on hold if we don’t have anyone backing up the goods we’re looking at. Again, it’s about relating to someone who has gone forth with a purchase and took the time to testify that it was a pleasurable experience.

Build your reputation

There are few things we have complete control over in this world, and luckily, the customer testimonials on our website are one of them. You cannot remove a poor review on other reviews sites, but you can hope the best testimonials outshine the bad.

Give proof

On average, 90% of customers get through close to ten reviews before making a final purchase decision. Why not give them what they need to see? The goal is to make them comfortable and confident that they are making a good decision. We are living in a social media world, we know just about everything there is to know about the people around us, including what they’re buying. When we see it, we’ll believe it.

Customer testimonials are essentially the best way to get your website’s product or services to shine. Building trust amongst your customers will not only give them the merchandise they desire, but the reassurance that they made the right decision in choosing your business. At Kraus Marketing, we believe in shining a light on your business’ most valuable assets. Contact us today to see how we can build your best Ecommerce website yet.

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