Is A Minimalist Logo Right for You?

Is A Minimalist Logo Right for You?

Is A Minimalist Logo Right for You?1280960 Kraus Marketing

Although Popular, Is a Minimalist Logo Right for Your Brand?

In the last decade, minimalism has been growing in popularity within graphic design. Businesses have adopted this aesthetic by updating their logos and the overall branding, simplifying the design, or changing it completely. Though some businesses are reluctant to take the leap due to fear of change, it may be just what your brand needs.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to taking the leap—so let’s uncover some key points about whether a minimalist logo is right for your business.

Logo Design

Make Your Brand Front-of-Mind

Your logo delivers the promise of quality and value that your company has established. Whether you are a new company yet to develop a logo or an existing one in need of something new, Kraus has you covered.

Why a Minimalist Logo Might Benefit Your Brand

Simplicity Often Translates to Memorability

Choosing a minimalistic logo makes it easier for potential clients to remember and recollect the design. This is because simpler forms are easier to rebuild in your mind, making them more memorable. If you were asked to redraw the Target logo, for example, you could successfully do so because of how simple the forms are. However, if you were asked to redraw the Disney logo, you’d be less successful because of how complex those forms are. Your brain will simplify even complex forms, and minimalism uses this theory and takes that step out of the thought process for you.

It Is Scalable for Any Medium

A logo with simple form means increased legibility on your desired medium (e.g., websites, business cards, online ads, vehicle wraps, etc.). The logo will translate well at smaller or larger sizes. When designing, consider this: Will this logo work on both a pen and a billboard? More complex logos may not be legible at smaller sizes and utilizing a blurry logo reflects poorly on your brand’s image.

It Is Recognizable Without Manipulation

Since your logo needs to be recognizable in any application, more complex logos often require the removal of elements when being reduced in size. This allows the logo to remain legible and responsive for the appropriate medium. More simplistic logos rarely require this type of alteration.

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Pitfalls to Watch Out For

In the world of business, everyone is trying their best to get the customer’s attention. It doesn’t hurt to take a step back and ask yourself, “Is everyone, including my competitors, adopting minimalistic designs?” Though these logos are made to stand out, you have to make sure that yours truly stands out from the opposition. Watch what other businesses are doing and find a way to put a spin on your logo so that customers are sure to see it.

Don’t be afraid to rebrand. The change might make you anxious but adapting your brand will help it grow and gain more customers.

How Kraus Marketing Can Help

Are you stuck trying to decide on a minimalist logo for your business? Our team of skilled graphic designers and agents at Kraus Marketing will help define your brand. Contact us today to get started.

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