Branding 101: How to Develop Corporate Identity

Branding 101: How to Develop Corporate Identity

Branding 101: How to Develop Corporate Identity 2207 1358 Kraus Marketing

Are you thinking about revamping your business’s brand? Before delving into the world of branding and corporate identity, you need to understand it. A brand is the differentiating factor between one company and another. The identity of your brand reflects your business’s reputation and the vibe that your company portrays. Now that we’ve defined a brand, we can discuss how to create and define corporate identity.

  • Vision statement. A key aspect in developing corporate identity is defining a vision statement. This is a projection to the future and explains what you want your company to become. The statement does not tell people how you will reach the vision, rather it simply states it. You should think about where you would like your company to be in five years, what services you provide and hope to offer, and the uniqueness that your brand brings to consumers.
  • Mission statement. The next step is to create a mission statement. The purpose of the statement is to motivate employees and consumers to choose your brand. You need to think about the needs your company addresses, the principles that your company works under, and the brand value.
  • Brand personality. When defining a corporate identity, you need to think about the brand personality. What do you want people to feel about your company when they interact with you? Do you want to be known as creative and fun? Or would you prefer to be mature and matter-of-fact? Think about this when coming up with your corporate identity.
  • Brand promise. What is your company’s brand promise? What makes you different from a competitor? Craft a value proposition, which clearly defines your brand’s value. This will ensure that your current and future consumers understand what makes you better than someone else that provides the same service or product.

Do you want to revamp your branding? Kraus Marketing specializes in corporate identity. We conduct in-depth interviews to understand your company. Afterwards, our team of creative designers and copywriters work to create a brand that represents the direction you want your company to go in. Contact our team for more information.

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