Content Marketing Strategy Tips from a Digital Marketing Agency

Content Marketing Strategy Tips from a Digital Marketing Agency

Content Marketing Strategy Tips from a Digital Marketing Agency 2560 1707 Kraus Marketing

We understand that content is integral to any SEO strategy. We even have created a slide deck to present current and future clients showcasing the benefit of fresh, relevant content. However, content goes beyond the writing process. Here are some tips to improve your content marketing efforts.

  1. Successful SEO is more than clickthrough rates (CTR). In order to create compelling content, realize that a successful SEO campaign is more than your CTR. Instead, you should create a content marketing plan that is the answer to what your target audience wants. Use tactical retargeting lists to reach your audience after they exit your site.
  2. The purpose of content should be to build a rapport with your audience. One of the biggest mistakes companies make is thinking that the content should promote their business. Instead, it should serve as a relationship-building tool letting your audience learn about topics relevant to your industry. The content should tell a story, not sell a product. It is important to remember that your content should add value to your target audience.
  3. Create a content plan. Once you have determined what the voice of your company and the topics it finds interesting is, you should create a compelling content plan. Remember that creating great content takes a while, it is not something to be rushed. Incorporate articles that can be used as evergreen content for a long-lasting impact.
  4. Learn what your audience wants to read. A key tool to drafting great content is to learn what your audience wants to know. You can do this by checking out Google’s Keyword Planner tool and discovering how popular certain keywords are. is another option to check out and get detailed information. Finally, SEMrush helps you learn what your competitors are doing.
  5. Content marketing and SEO should be a combined effort. Remember that you want people to read the content you are writing; thus SEO efforts should be included in your content strategy.

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