Weekly Social Media Update: December 9, 2016

Weekly Social Media Update: December 9, 2016

Weekly Social Media Update: December 9, 2016150150 Kraus Marketing

Facebook seems to be the social platform with the largest amount of changes this week! Check out what’s new in the social media world.


  • Facebook announced new dynamic ads that target app users based off of websites they have visited.
  • The social platform is slowly rolling out a new feature that enables users to find local, free Wi-Fi spots.
  • Facebook is beginning to implement changes on its site to combat false news stories. This past week users have spotted a survey beneath news articles asking them to rate the language in the article.
  • Facebook is continuing to use Snapchat as its inspiration. The following few updates are very similar to the photo-sharing app. One change is in a select few countries, including Ireland, Taiwan, Colombia, and Mexico. It enables users to add a custom frame to their profile picture. That’s not all – Facebook has modeled its live video feed off of an old version of Snapchat’s Discover page.


  • Twitter accidentally released a feature they are testing on Thursday. Oops! It did not receive good feedback. The feature in question is removing usernames in tweet replies. Only time will tell if Twitter will release this feature for good.


  • Instagram has released a few new updates! One of which is enabling users to like comments, similar to Facebook. Another update is allowing people to turn off comments from their photos and videos.


  • Pinterest released a new update that lets users know if people have tried, and enjoyed, pins.

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