Logo Design and Branding Agency Shares Branding Tips: Corporations

Logo Design and Branding Agency Shares Branding Tips: Corporations

Logo Design and Branding Agency Shares Branding Tips: Corporations20571457 Kraus Marketing

Some companies are lucky enough to create a logo that is recognizable without their name in the picture, Apple, Nike, and McDonalds are just a few examples. Any business owner wants to create that brand awareness that drives sales. You might be wondering how to develop a corporate brand? Follow these tips and you will be on your way to a strong brand.

  1. Conduct a brand audit. Before unifying your brand with messaging and imagery, you should conduct a brand audit. The purpose is to find out what your business succeeds in and what areas of opportunity the business needs to work on. Does your website reflect and showcase the goals of your business? Are your social media channels unified with a comprehensive strategy? Does the brand messaging and imagery currently used represent your business today? Once you answer those questions, see what you can use to revamp your brand and what you need to get rid of.
  2. Figure out what your company stands for. Conduct a meeting with the managers of your company and determine what the brand promise is. What does your company stand for? This includes a mission statement, your target audience, and the products or services you offer.
  3. Ask what others think of your company. In order to receive a comprehensive understanding of your company, ask others. We call these in-depth interviews and they can be conducted with clients, employees, and managers. Figuring out what others think of your company will help you develop a brand that matches client and employee standards and the growth managers want to see.
  4. Visually design your brand. Now that you understand your brand promise and identity, hire a company that can visually design your brand. Understand that the agency is the expert and trust them when they deliver branding.
  5. Create brand guidelines. Before putting your brand in action, your marketing agency will create a set of brand guidelines. This will ensure that your entire company represents your brand consistently.

Do you want to revamp your branding? Kraus Marketing specializes in corporate branding. We conduct in-depth interviews to understand your company. Afterwards, our team of creative designers and copywriters work to create a brand that represents the direction you want your company to go in. Contact our team for more information.

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