Top 5 Real Estate Agent Marketing Myths Debunked

Top 5 Real Estate Agent Marketing Myths Debunked

Top 5 Real Estate Agent Marketing Myths Debunked 949 400 Kraus Marketing

Just because you read something on the internet, or hear it from a colleague, doesn’t mean it is true. After years of working with realtors on a daily basis, we’ve heard it all when it comes to real estate agent marketing myths. But since we don’t have all day to run through a few hundred myths, here are the top 5 real estate agent marketing myths debunked.

  1. I don’t need a website (or I have a website, so I’m fine for now)

Even if you’ve been in business for years, and have an extensive referral network, you still need a website. According to the National Association of realtors, 89% of home buyers use the internet to search for a realtor. Without a great website, you’re missing out on 89% of potential homebuyers who won’t be able to find you while they search online.

Just having a website gets you halfway to being able to generate leads online. By that, I mean just having a website isn’t enough. In order to get organic leads through your website, you need to have a solid SEO plan. SEO is a long play, and takes 6+ months to see results after starting. Components of a solid SEO plan include foundational components in the structure of your site, combined with a great content strategy that produces relevant content incorporating significant keywords.

  1. Online leads are crappy and never convert

We hear this one all the time from realtors we work with and it couldn’t be further from the truth. From our point of view, the reason people think this is due to the lower conversion rate of online leads, compared to referrals. When an agent gets a referral from a friend or former client, the chances of closing a deal with that person are relatively high after first contact. The biggest issue we see with online leads are realtors giving up without getting enough leads to convert a client. Online leads can be reliably and predictably generated, but you need to give it time to accrue enough leads to where it actually generates a client. Despite having a lower conversion rate, it is much easier and more reliable to acquire online leads than it is to rely on solely on referrals.

  1. Social Media is a waste of time

According to Pew Research, 79% of adult Americans have a Facebook account, with 76% of them visiting Facebook daily. With such a large and active user base, Facebook is the perfect platform for building your brand and gaining leads. If you used Facebook in the past, and saw no results, it may be because you didn’t put any ad spend into promoting your posts. Facebook only shows business page posts organically to 2-3% of users who like your page, meaning if you don’t pay to boost your posts, no one will see them. Despite this, Facebook is a powerful tool for building brand awareness and providing your current and former clients with local, useful information.

  1. I should create a specialty website on a SEO optimized domain for every neighborhood in my area

A lot of agents will get multiple websites and domains such as and The thinking is that these domain names will help with SEO and get a lot of organic traffic from the areas targeted by the domains. Despite the benefit of these domain names, there are other factors involved with search ranking that make using multiple domains detrimental. Google places tremendous value on older domains, and domains with a large amount of valuable content. Thus, instead of creating different domains for each area you want to target, it would be more beneficial for your SEO to create a section on your current site that targets specific areas.

  1. I can do all my marketing myself

Digital marketing is a complex and time consuming endeavor. From our first-hand experience working with realtors, we understand how busy you are on a daily basis. By doing your own digital marketing, you risk wasting both time and money by not implementing an effective strategy. By partnering with a digital marketing agency, you can save tremendous amounts of time and learn to use your ad spend more effectively. You should spend your time focusing on working with clients to ensure you provide the best service possible for your clients.

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