What We Can Learn from Spotify’s Use of Local Marketing Ads

What We Can Learn from Spotify’s Use of Local Marketing Ads

What We Can Learn from Spotify’s Use of Local Marketing Ads12801046 Kraus Marketing

How Using Local Marketing Ads in Your Campaign Can Help

Everywhere people go they are being marketed to. Whether it be ads featured on social media or in various physical locations people visit on a daily basis, let’s face it, ads are unavoidable. Constantly being bombarded with ads becomes tiresome for the everyday consumer who often becomes frustrated rather than receptive. So, how can your business create an effective ad campaign that’s engaging yet still impactful? Spotify’s use of location-based marketing has done just that. Here’s what we can learn from it.

Give the people what they want

Nowadays, the relationship between advertising and consumers seems to be more of a cyclical cat and mouse chase rather than a mutually beneficial business transaction. Consumers feel the need to install ad-blocking plugins into their browsers and businesses are forcing ads on users before they can reach the content they want. This seems like more of a low-grade hostage situation more than a marketing campaign. The thing is, people want more customized experiences, experiences that make them feel important and relevant. Location based marketing allows you to target more specific groups of people without having to feel pressured to market to every specific person.


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In the days leading up to the 2018 Midterm Elections, Spotify launched a series of specially curated playlists tailored to each individual state hoping to increase user engagement in the election. When users entered the app, they’d get a notification leading them to their state’s playlist with a reminder to participate. Spotify even went a step further and included a link in the playlist description to help users find the nearest poll to them. Not only did this remind people to get involved with politics, but it gave users a unique way to connect with other users in their state through shared music interests.

Crafting interesting, relevant campaigns like this increases customer engagement as well as encourages the idea that they are supporting a business that is updated with the times. Including keywords about local news or events in your content is a great way to get that local recognition. Even using local hashtags in your social media content can increase traffic to your business.

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The effect of online campaigns on offline businesses

Using location-based marketing and data analytics, Spotify teamed up with Placed to analyze the impact of online marketing campaigns on offline businesses. In an effort to market Baskin-Robbins new sundae shakes and ice cream lattes, they strategically placed ads on Spotify based on location. The result? Those who encountered the Spotify ads ended up visiting Baskin-Robbins 430,000 times. Here we see the strong impact an online campaign can have on a business that uses location-based marketing to its advantage.

While your business’ goal may be to build a brand for global recognition, don’t forget that you can diversify your campaigns for different locations- every region you’re targeting has its own unique qualities. This is just another effective way to deliver more customized experiences as well as increase brand loyalty. Try highlighting customers in different locations on social media in special thank-you posts or creating special deals that target specific locations. A little personalization can go a long way.

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