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The HalloThanksMas Social Media Update Roundup

The HalloThanksMas Social Media Update Roundup

A lot has happened in the last couple months—the HalloThanksMas season has come and gone, and it brought about many changes in the social media platforms you use to share pics of your holiday haul and of course market your company. Having a hard time keeping up as you strive to maintain your resolutions and keep your marketing fresh? Kraus Marketing has compiled the need-to-know list of social media updates below:


– Facebook has cracked down on engagement bait, meaning you need to up your creativity if you want your audience to interact with your posts. Engagement bait includes all of those “Share with the person you’d take to [insert restaurant]” or “Which necklace do you prefer?  Tell us in the comments!” posts.

– A fun way to interact with your audience without engagement bait is through the use of stories, now available for pages. Have a fun event going on? Post multiple updates to your page’s story rather than clutter your timeline, giving you more time to choose just the right photos to post on your page without sacrificing the live engagement of a constantly updated story.

-Facebook is returning to its roots and prioritizing posts that create meaningful communication. Also, Facebook is raising its standards for news, making trusted and local news a priority.

With all of Facebook’s changes, the end of pages has been speculated in the industry. However, while Facebook Pages is declining, Instagram is paramount for businesses.


– The Instagram Poll has taken Instagram stories by storm. Polls within your Instagram story invite more engagement from your audience and provide insight into their opinions.

– The Shopify feature on Instagram allows your audience to shop within the Instagram app, and while this feature is still in the testing phase we have high hopes for its future.

– Instagram now allows you to follow hashtags— be sure to use a combination of popular hashtags (to get on people’s radar) and unique ones (to draw your audience into the idea of following your account) in your social media marketing.


– Snapchat brought the future to today with the addition of its augmented reality art feature. Now, you can draw your audience in with creative AR integration to your strategy.

Not sure the best way to craft a Facebook page post or looking for creative ideas to utilize polls and augmented reality? Kraus Marketing is a digital marketing agency skilled in social media marketing. Contact us today to learn how we can help you navigate the world of likes and hashtags.