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Social Media Update: May 26, 2017

There is quite a lot going on in the social media world right now, as platforms continue to compete against one another and the ever-changing web. Some of these awesome new features may be perfect for your business and could help to extend your brand awareness through your favorite platforms!


  • Facebook has announced that they now have over 1.94 billion monthly active users.
  • Despite the fact that Facebook already has the most insightful way of accurately measuring and tracking paid advertising tools, they are continuing to advance it. Those who choose to advertise on Facebook will now be able to track page interactions (i.e. post reactions and shares) in the omnichannel analytics for websites, applications, services and bots.
  • They have also introduced the Al-powered Automated Insights tool (which is great for larger businesses and advertisers) to help segment their target audiences.
  • They are cleaning up their News Feed to lower the chance of low-quality ads and posts appearing on a user’s feed, as it could look like spam. This may slightly increase traffic if your business advertises with high-quality landing pages. Keep this in mind next time you go to make a post!
  • Facebook Dynamic Ads let advertisers create remarketing ads based on a user’s browsing history, to help target what the user is actually interested in viewing.


  • Twitter has decided to expand how data from other websites that integrate Twitter content is stored and used, such as embedded Tweets. This will help the platform continue to improve and personalize services, connecting users with the brands and organic content they truly care about.


  • To help make sure your Snapchat is seen, you can now post limitless snaps. Viewers can see the snap you send as long as they’d like and once they exit the snap, it will delete as per usual.
  • Related to the limitless snaps, users can also use Snapchat’s new ‘loop’ tool for videos they send, where they can set their snap to loop until the viewer is done watching. It will also delete once the viewer clicks out of the snap.


  • Instagram has announced that it has hit 700 million monthly active users.
  • You can now use “hashtag stickers” in Instagram Stories, and when users tap the image, a link to the hashtag will appear. This is a great way to raise brand awareness and get people to engage with your content in a fun way.
  • Just like Snapchat’s filters, Instagram now has ‘selfie filters’ that you can use on your Instagram Stories. There are currently eight different filters for users to choose from.
  • Instagram is now an almost fully functioning web app, where users do not have to download the actual app to view pictures and use certain functions.

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