#HashtagHelp Part One: What Are Hashtags?

#HashtagHelp Part One: What Are Hashtags?

#HashtagHelp Part One: What Are Hashtags? 2560 1707 Kraus Marketing

Social Media Marketing Agency Discusses Hashtags for Beginners

You’ve seen them everywhere: weddings, social movements, and advertising campaigns of all kinds. We’re talking about the one, the only, pound sign—no, wait—hashtag.

Yes, hashtags have given a whole new meaning to that four-line symbol formerly known only as the pound symbol. This rebranding of an everyday button on phones has sparked one of the biggest components of any social media campaign. But what is it? Why is it used for companies like Coca-Cola but also your cousin’s wedding? How do I use them, and should I even bother?

Don’t worry— Kraus marketing has you covered with this guide to hashtags. By the end of this blog series, you’ll be #blessed with the basic need-to-know to navigate the world of hashtags.

First, let’s answer the question: What is a hashtag?

Hashtags function like an online filling system, grouping social media posts together by common themes or content. For example, you can go on Twitter (or Facebook, or Instagram, or Google—you get the point) and search #dogs to be inundated with posts about dogs. (Do it. You’ll thank us. #YoureWelcome).

Why would you need your posts filed? Don’t worry—no one will come sliding into your dm’s (translation: no one will private message you) asking how you’d like to categorize your latest post. However, when running a campaign, it helps to a) have a way to unify every piece of content for said campaign and b) have a way for consumers to search for and take part in your campaign.

What are they used for?

Hashtags are used for weddings so that while the bride and groom wait for their flight to Tahiti the next day they can easily see all the pictures their family and friends posted.

Hashtags are used to start social movements, like #MeToo and #OscarsSoWhite, bringing attention to problems that need to be discussed and dealt with in society.

Plus, in times of crisis, hashtags keep the public informed (think: #tweetfromthebeat from Boston PD’s Twitter after the Boston marathon Bombing) and can boost morale (think: #BostonStrong after the bombing).

So whether you want your #sunset picture to be seen by more people on Twitter, Instagram, etc. or you want a way to track user-generated content for your event and/or campaign, hashtags are for you.

Summary: Hashtags are used by everyone from newlyweds to social media marketers to keep track of content on social media.

Whether you are still stuck on why it’s not called a pound symbol anymore or are looking for a way to augment your campaign, the social media experts at Kraus Marketing are here to help. Contact us today to learn how we can take you from #clueless to #expert, all while gaining your business valuable followers.

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