What the Google My Business Update Means for Your Business

What the Google My Business Update Means for Your Business

What the Google My Business Update Means for Your Business 2560 1708 Kraus Marketing

Understanding the Google My Business Update’s Interface

Google is the bridge that connects customers to your website. The search engine has run countless searches and even owns YouTube. One has a hard time imagining a Google-less world.

So how can businesses utilize Google to their advantage? Other than paying for Adwords to boost your SEO, businesses large and small can take advantage of Google’s free Google My Business feature.

Google My Business recently expanded its update to allow even more users access to its new interface. Kraus Marketing has the breakdown for you below:

First, what is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free way for businesses to get information to potential customers and build up their online credibility.

Think about it: when Googling “pizza near me”, are you more likely to order from the listing that has a poor-quality picture and no information other than their phone number, or the listing with a menu, operating hours, a decent picture, and a link to their website? Of course you’ll trust the second listing more, and that trust will get the conversion necessary to earn your sale.

Businesses large and small should take a look at their business’ profile and supply the necessary information. Customers should be supplied with enough information from the listing that they either call your business directly to make a sale/inquiry or they visit your website to learn even more.

Ok, what exactly can I do with it?

Google My Business allows you to add your operating hours, location, website, and a menu (think restaurants and hair salons). You can also interact with your customers by not only reading their comments but also responding directly to their praise or concerns.

Google My Business also gives you the scoop “on how customers searched for your business, and where those customers are coming from.”

So what did the update change?

The interface, or how people interact with Google My Business and what they see while they interact with it, got an update. Now, all businesses regardless of their size will use the same interface. The update includes:

  • Freedom to add listings without affecting your page’s load speed
  • Left side navigation panel
  • Posts and Insights displayed on the main page’s navigation panel
  • Easier navigation: click into a listing and editing within the same window

Don’t  forget:

Be sure to play around with the new interface to become familiar with how this invaluable business tool works, and remember to keep your listing updated as things such as hours of operation and menu options change.

Whether your business is large or small, a community staple or the newest thing to hit the block, Kraus Marketing can help you navigate Google My Business’ new interface. Contact us today to learn how our SEO experts can ensure your listing has all it needs to catch your customers’ eyes for all the right reasons.

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