Web Design Agency Discusses Conversion Inhibitors on Your Website

Web Design Agency Discusses Conversion Inhibitors on Your Website

Web Design Agency Discusses Conversion Inhibitors on Your Website 2560 1709 Kraus Marketing

Web Design Agency Discusses Conversion Inhibitors on Your Website

Getting potential customers to convert to sales takes more than a running website. There are many influences that go into a website that have the capability to both attract visitors, and convert them into profitable customers. As a practiced web design agency, we know the common website flaws that may be killing your conversion rates and are here to discuss what you should do to avoid them.

  • Uninspired Call to Action

Having a call to action (CTA) is critical in prompting a response from potential customers. While certainly better than no CTA at all, having one that is uninspired with generic rhetoric lacks incentive. Constructing an effective CTA that walks the line between being descriptive and original can lead to a higher conversion rate. Take this as an opportunity to prove to potential customers the value that your product or service can provide them.

Having an uninspired CTA can certainly impact conversion rate, but having too many can be just as dangerous. It is imperative that customers do not feel overwhelmed when visiting your site. Having webpages muddled with too many CTA’s can lead to confusion and distract costumers from the main goal of the page. Do your best to stick to one strong CTA per page that will elicit a response. Determine what you want visitors to do, and provide them with the means of doing it. 

  • Cluttered Website

Have you ever happened upon a website so cluttered that your head begins to pound? Chances are that if you’ve felt this way, others have as well. When designing a webpage, it is imperative that you take into consideration the flow of the page. As an experienced web design agency, we have found that a minimalistic and clean design is more effective than one that is complicated and oversaturated with content. Don’t overload users with information as this is very off-putting and will lead to higher bounce rates. The best way to convert costumers is presenting them with all the information they need in a manner that is both straight forward and intuitive.

  • Unresponsive Website

All of us are now existing in a fast-paced digital world, where internet users demand instant gratification. Visitors of your website expect that when they click a button, they get results. If you’re hosting a website that is slow and inefficient, there is a good chance that you are missing out on potential conversions. If you want to avoid a high bounce-rate, you can’t have your costumers waiting around for your website to load. Designing a website that is efficient and intuitive promotes a better response from customers. All this leads back to proper website optimization, an invaluable tool in the marketing arena.

  • Inconsistent Messaging

You know what you want to say, now you need to say it in a way that is consistent across the board. Inconsistent messaging will confuse your audience leading them on a wild goose hunt to determine what you seek to accomplish. This is not what you want. It not only leads to potential costumers searching for answers, but can also lead to a possible lack of trust. If you don’t come across as knowledgeable on your services, your audience will begin to question your credibility. Good news for you, this is a rather straight forward fix. As long as your content, imagery, and goals all align, you will be in good shape.

  • Lack of Trust Elements

Social proof and trust elements are important, increasingly so for e-commerce sites. Social proof is important and can be obtained in a rather straight forward manner. Testimonials and reviews, both past and present, are excellent ways to solidify your website as being trustworthy. If the masses have gone to claim that your website embodies trust, potential customers will be less hesitant in converting to your product. Not only this, but websites that display testimonials and reviews give the impression that your website is willing to engage and connect with its buyers.

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