Digital Marketing Agency Shares How to Avoid Brand Inconsistency

Digital Marketing Agency Shares How to Avoid Brand Inconsistency

Digital Marketing Agency Shares How to Avoid Brand Inconsistency 2120 1414 Kraus Marketing

As a digital marketing agency that has recently undergone a rebranding and consistently works on branding projects, we understand the characteristics of a great brand. Sometimes, creating a great brand, might result in inconsistencies with workflows currently in play. Today, we thought we would share how to avoid brand inconsistency.

Content Marketing. The content team in your office works to create a voice for your brand. Some offices might have a team of two people, while others have content staffed with upwards of ten people. No matter the size of your team, if you have multiple people writing for you, chances are they all use different writing styles.  While variation can be good, if there is too much it could cause inconsistency among your brand messages.

One way to fix the problem is to craft a content style guide. This will help create consistency among your writers as they will know the type of imagery to use, grammar rules they should follow, and things that they should not do. Once the guide is created, feel free to share it with all writers so that they have a guideline to follow.

Search Engine Optimization. Most people end up finding your business through a search engine query. This can be a good thing if the information that pops up is relevant to your brand today. However, more often than not, if companies are not taking a proactive approach to monitoring their search engine presence, outdated information might take precedence.

This can be fixed by being proactive and providing brand information, including updated logos, in a usage guideline section on your website. Creating brand guidelines will be helpful for your team internally and any external parties looking to share your information.

Retail Product Descriptions. If you are an ecommerce company, think about how many times you update the products on your website. Some products might be updated more frequently than others. Copywriting for product descriptions might not match your updated content style guide.

In order to fix the mismatch of product descriptions, your team should frequently conduct website audits. This will enable you to find any products that are not written in your updated brand voice and correct them. We recommend gathering a few members of your team every six months to conduct a website audit.

Email Correspondence. Believe it or not, the way your team emails clients actually plays a role in your brand voice, particularly if you have a customer service department. As we live in a digital age, email correspondence is a large part of any businesses’ communication efforts.

We mentioned the idea of creating a content style guide to share with your team above. Crafting an email style guide in a similar manner will assist with external correspondence. In this guide, it would be helpful to think of a list of commonly asked questions and sit down with your team to provide a standardized answer. Preparing those answers in advance, will help save your team time in the future.

Social Media. Most companies have a social media presence, each of which works to represent your brand. Not all social media platforms are created equally. Different audiences use different platforms, which ultimately requires different content to be shared.

You need to ensure that your social media profiles reflect your brand in a positive manner. The best way to go about this is to select a few networks that work for your company and target audience. Delete profiles that you are not as active on and focus your efforts on fine-tuning the networks you are on.

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