Google Launches Amp in Mobile Search Listings

Google Launches Amp in Mobile Search Listings

Google Launches Amp in Mobile Search Listings 1697 1131 Kraus Marketing

Google Launches Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) NJ & NYC

For quite some time now, there’s been a lot of talk about accelerated mobile pages (AMP). The wait is over; it’s finally here. Google has launched accelerated mobile pages into its mobile search listings a day earlier than expected. Users have reported seeing listings in the SERPs that are labeled as AMP. In the world of SEO, this is a big game changer.

AMP results are now being shown with a lightning bolt and the label AMP next to the time of the article. Interestingly, only news sites with an AMP version are being shown in the news carousel. Websites that aren’t currently using amp could be missing out on a lot of mobile traffic. SEOs and website owners should starting implementing amp as soon as possible to stay ahead of competition and not miss out organic traffic on mobile devices.

Getting on Board With AMP

Google has been working on AMP since last year, as a solution for users with slower Internet connection. The idea is to help improve user experience on mobile devices, because articles, videos, and graphics can be slow to load and causes users to leave a website. According to the search giant, AMP pages loads 85% faster than webpages that aren’t using AMP.

We can only expect Google’s algorithms to change once AMP becomes more prevalent. Hopefully, AMP doesn’t become like Schema; it is said that less than 1 percent of all websites use schema. This is most likely due to the fact that website owners haven’t heard of it, don’t think it’s necessary, or don’t know how to implement it. AMP is here, and it should be taken seriously. 


Whenever Google releases a new update, it always has an impact on website perform in the SERPs. When Google released Mobilegeddon, websites that weren’t responsive saw a decrease in mobile traffic. So, we can conclude that websites that are using AMP will get a significant boost in organic traffic on mobile devices compared to sites that haven’t implemented it as yet. Don’t wait, the sooner the better!

If you’re not familiar with AMP and need help implementing it, the SEO experts at Kraus Marketing can help with this or any other search engine optimization questions you may have. To find out more about Kraus Marketing and our team, contact us today at 973.998.5742 or visit us online at



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