Facebook Improves Inbound Marketing with Lead Ads

Facebook Improves Inbound Marketing with Lead Ads

Facebook Improves Inbound Marketing with Lead Ads 2560 1706 Kraus Marketing

Facebook’s New Lead Ads Provides Businesses in NJ & NYC With a More Efficient Way to Capture Leads

Launched in late 2015, Facebook’s Lead Ads has been positively embraced by businesses that value efficiency in capturing new customers. This month, the social media company improves on the product for both businesses and consumers.

What are Lead Ads?

Lead Ads promote inbound marketing, so that users aren’t required to leave Facebook in order to be captured. Users who see the marketer’s ad and click on the call to action will be redirected to a form that is automatically filled in with any relevant information that is provided to Facebook. The users simply fill out any missing information, hit submit and are captured as leads without the hassle of being redirected to another website. The service is available on both mobile and desktop applications and is a savvy way to capture users in a meaningful and efficient way.

What’s new for Lead Ads?

In its fifth month since inception, Facebook has improved Lead Ads in two new ways. One is a context card, an optional tile that pops up after someone clicks on a lead ad, but before they fill out a form, which provides extra content so users know what they are signing up for. Businesses can release more in depth details on the content they will be providing and ensure that the leads captured are of a significant quality and will stick with the brand longer. For example, TheSkimm, a daily newsletter on current events, saw lead quality improved by 22% when they added a context card to their Lead Ads.

The second improvement features carousel advertising. The carousel lead enables businesses to release three to five images or headline examples so potential leads can experience what they will get before they sign up. It’s a great way for businesses to connect with leads in a visually stimulating way.

Awesome, but how will I benefit?

These are big data opportunities for businesses that can help them discover which groups of people are most likely to choose their product or service. Streamlining lead captures also allows businesses that use the Lead Ads on Facebook to see an increase in captures with a decrease in conversion costs. Advertisers can also use the information they capture to see which devices audiences use the most, information which can ultimately help them decide which platform to better focus their budget on.

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