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Google’s Integration of Third Party Reviews

Google’s Integration of Third Party Reviews

Online reviews are an indispensable tool for any business. Not only can reviews provide a means for customers to evaluate your business, but they can also open doors to improve on your SEO status. While established review platforms such as Yelp and TripAdvisor have been in the mix for quite some time, we are now seeing Google reviews make its way to the front of the pack. When these various review sources all come together under one umbrella, something remarkable is created. Join us as we analyze Google’s implementation of third-party review sources under their Knowledge Graph cards and what this may imply for your business.

  • What Does It Mean?

It appears Google will soon be making changes to their review platform. Recently, they have been reported integrating third-party source reviews into the Knowledge Graph cards for Google My Business. As the situation currently stands this only applies to hotels. It is unclear whether Google will be implementing third-party review sourcing into other territories such as restaurants or local services. This review program involves Google working directly with third-party publishers (TripAdvisor, Expedia, etc.) to include their content. Once the content from a third-party source is published to Google, it is integrated seamlessly with reviews left directly on Google. The implications of this are still unclear, but it can certainly add credibility to a business.

  • Customer Influence

It is critical that you understand that power residing behind the weight of a Google Review. Simply put, user-generated content in the form of reviews will profoundly influence consumer decisions. The context of a review left on Google can directly influence if a customer will engage with your business or not. User-generated reviews influence buyers’ decision more than any other factor in the decision-making process. Google’s implementation of third-party review sources is something you should be monitoring.

  • How Reviews Impact SEO

We can’t stress the importance of Google reviews enough. While the impact of reviews on customer influence are forthright, the SEO implications are much more cryptic. Studies have found that star ratings in AdWords have capabilities to enhance click-through by up to 17 percent. In addition, organic listings with 4 and 5-star ratings see a higher click-through rate than listings with no stars. Google has yet to confirm this formally, but many SEOs believe that higher click-through rates enhance your rankings in the search results. These are impressive statistics no doubt and should be reason enough to see the value in building strong Google Reviews. Still not convinced? Studies found that business reviews containing keywords or locations enhance your rankings in the search results.

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