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Five SEO Tools to Optimize Your 2018 Digital Marketing

Five SEO Tools to Optimize Your 2018 Digital Marketing

Now that the confetti has settled and resolutions are in full swing, it’s time to welcome the new year in the workplace. Avoid SEO that is so 2017 with these five tools to dominate your market in 2018.

  • Make Mobile a Priority

Take a look around and there’s a good chance someone is on his or her phone. The mobile audience is booming—especially in the local search market. Think about it—if you’re on a business trip and want to search where to grab dinner after a meeting, you’re more likely to search on your smartphone. Keep in mind that mobile keywords are ranked differently than desktop keywords, so spend sufficient time bolstering your mobile-specific SEO. With the possibility of a mobile-first index drawing nearer, take advantage of the sea of mobile searches by making your mobile site as user-friendly as possible (maybe even designing the mobile site first) and focusing on context.

  • Be Nice to Your Users

How do you make your site as user-friendly as possible? You make sure it’s easy to navigate, aesthetically pleasing, and, perhaps most importantly, fast. Have you ever been to a restaurant and cut your meal short because it was too loud and the service was too slow? Make sure both your desktop and mobile sites are equipped to not only get your audience to visit, but to stay and have dessert too.

  • Go Au Naturel

The future is now, and many are taking advantage of these technologically savvy times by searching with speech. Remember that mobile audience I mentioned earlier? They love using voice search.  Voice search isn’t just for the user on the go either—the popularity of Amazon Alexa and Google Home has made voice search a common occurrence in-home. Using voice search is as natural as asking a question in a conversation, so pay attention to that natural tone when building your SEO.

  • Remember Robots Have Brains Now

Whether you are more of a Siri person or Alexa is your type, you’re already acquainted with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Utilizing these technologies makes your search interactions with them more personal—and it does the same thing for your audience. Pay attention to how AI and machine learning grow this year, because staying on your audience’s radar may mean befriending their robots smart assistants.

  • Love Your Links

Links are important, but don’t spend countless hours working on new links to bring your business into 2018. Rather, put your energy into having quality links. It’s important to foster relationships, not just one-link-stands, that will help you in the long run. While developing those relationships, use guest blogs strategically, as Google is scrutinizing guest blogs in an effort to manage questionable links.

Bonus: Visual Search

Visual search reminds us to that there is truly a variety of ways to search, so be sure to think beyond copy and include visuals when developing SEO.

Whether your SEO needs an update or you’re still stuck on “What is SEO?” Kraus Marketing can help. We use a combination of research, online tools, website programmers, and SEO copywriters to ensure your SEO has the highest rankings possible. Contact us today to learn how Kraus Marketing can help you with your SEO.