Why You Need To Rethink Your Social Media Approach

Why You Need To Rethink Your Social Media Approach

Why You Need To Rethink Your Social Media Approach 1170 430 Kraus Marketing

Social Media has evolved this past year and marketers must rethink their approach in order to stay ahead.

It is important for business owners to be aware of where their marketing strategy is taking them and this effects their engagement. Times are changing, and the consumer has begun to ignore many of the unwanted advertisements that they are swarmed with. Social media marketing is on the horizon and is here to transform how a business communicates with its audience.

People in today’s society are on some form of social media throughout the day, which offers marketers an opportunity to take advantage of. It is now more important than ever for a company to participate in social media marketing. For a fairly low cost, social media has shown to improve a business’ customer service, recruiting, client retention, ROI, and sales. Let’s discuss how a dedicated and innovative team can add different forms of value to their business.

Brand Awareness

Social media reaches a vast audience with the proper implementation. It gives the marketer the chance to veer away from a vertical marketing approach to educate a larger, more diverse, crowd. Social media can be used to demonstrate what makes your company unique and also to highlight the products or services that you offer.

The use of social media gives the consumer control over what they click on. It is necessary to provide them with captivating content to draw them in. People don’t want their time to be wasted and are tired of being bombarded with unwanted information. Studies have proven that the consumer is more receptive to information that they are in control of reading. With that being said, if your business has a strong social marketing strategy you can greatly increase the growth of your company’s follower by providing them with information they are interested in.


With proper use, social media creates engagement about your brand, which can give your brand a boost for a many reasons:

  • Businesses gather truthful information about how the consumer views their company. This is critical information that allows business owners to analyze and identify areas in which they excel and areas that need improvement.
  • People talk to their friends and share content over various digital communities, which lead to new client acquisition at a very low cost.
  • Engagement creates a connection between the consumer and a brand, which in turn develops brand loyalty.


Loyalty from a customer is a reward for a business because it shows customer satisfaction. A loyal customer is more likely to return for another purchase or even better, refer your business to their friends. Customer loyalty is developed over time, through more than one satisfied experience with a brand. Studies prove that the consumer prefers brands that have a social media presence. The reason for this is because they feel connected and involved with their purchase.

The Results

Social media marketing offers many intangible benefits to a company. It is important to recognize the overall value given to the consumer while using social media marketing. Also understand that a broader marketing strategy may be more effective in today’s time, compared to a vertical strategy that targets niche groups to produce conversions.

Look beyond ROI

The monetary value of social media is difficult to measure. When it comes to social media, a business should not focus solely on the return on investment (ROI), but rather on the overall benefit social media offers their brand.

If your business is lacking a social media presence you may be missing out on many potential customers as well as the chance to grow a stronger relationship with your current clients. Here at Kraus Marketing, we lead the way in social media management and strategy development. Our highly experienced team is able to adapt to any business’ needs, and provide them with a service that will bring them awareness. We can also rebrand your existing social media platforms to help your brand keep up with the latest emerging trends. Take the competitive advantage to stand out from your competition. For more information contact one of our team members at (973) 998-5742 or online at www.KrausMarketing.com.

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