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Why Join the SEO and Content Marketing Job Market?

Digital Marketing Agency Discusses Positives of a Career in SEO or Content Marketing

If you’re looking for a career that’s exciting, fast-paced, and flexible, then consider your job search over. Content marketing and SEO jobs are on the rise, and they don’t seem to be stopping any time soon. The world of digital marketing is continuously expanding, and so is the job market. Below are three reasons to enter into the content marketing and SEO fields:

  • There’s a Need

According to Conductor’s 2018 Marketing Jobs & Salary Guide, content marketing jobs increased by 33% and SEO jobs increased 43% since 2017. This is true for both junior and senior positions in the field, which is certainly not going away anytime soon. Growth in the field will allow you to make a name for yourself and ideally move up the ladder. This brings us to our next reason…

  • You Get to Wear Many Hats

Conductor reports that there is significant overlap in the skills needed for a position in either content marketing or SEO. So significant, in fact, that content skills were required in 75% of SEO jobs and SEO skills were required in 42% of content marketing jobs. So even if you are looking into one field but end up in the other, chances are you’ll get to show off your skills at some point (talk about a resume builder!).

  • You Get to Work with Us

That’s right—Kraus Marketing is hiring in our digital marketing department! Think you have the motivation, critical thinking, and positive attitude that it takes to work with us? Check out our careers page and apply today to get your foot in the door of an SEO/ content career. Love of burritos preferred but not required.


Want to leave it to the content marketing and SEO professionals? Then look no further than Kraus Marketing. Contact us today to learn how our experts can create a campaign that will expand your reach and generate conversions for your business.