Brand Marketing Strategy: Staying True to Your Brand While Branching Out

Brand Marketing Strategy: Staying True to Your Brand While Branching Out

Brand Marketing Strategy: Staying True to Your Brand While Branching Out 2309 1299 Kraus Marketing

Digital Marketing Agency Discusses Top 3 Tips for Your Brand Marketing Strategy

The balance between branding and adapting to the changing market is something that stumps many businesses.

How can I stay true to my brand if I do X, Y, and Z?

How can my brand stay relevant if we don’t do X, Y, and Z?

Brands face challenges everyday, but having a good foundation from which to build will help with your brand marketing strategy and navigation, no matter the circumstances. Brands can build that foundation by establishing relationships and utilizing various platforms to connect with their audience. Below are our top three tips for staying true to your brand while keeping up with the demands of today’s market.

  • Be There or Be Square

Maybe your target audience spends their mornings scrolling through Facebook, their lunch breaks on Twitter, and their evenings on YouTube. Maybe they spend 50% of the day on Instagram and the other 50% on Snapchat. Perhaps they peruse LinkedIn on lunch hours and Facebook message their college buddies at night. Wherever your target audience is, you need to be there.

Stay on your audience’s radar by establishing consistent branding across the platforms they use, be it YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Don’t focus all your energy onto one platform, for you’ll miss the rest of your audience. Just be careful when branching out that you don’t spread yourself too thin—just stick to the platforms that matter most.

  • Cultivate the Relationships You Have

Focus on the quality, not quantity, of the leads you generate. Rather than be a lifeless lead-factory, ensure you are giving the leads you have what they want. Cultivating the relationships you have with your leads will give your brand the relevance it needs to earn your leads’ trust and, as a result, their conversions.

  • Reviews Are Your Friend

Repeat after us: reviews are your friend. Yes, they’re unpredictable, but if you believe in your product and customer service then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. There will always be that unhappy person, but if your good far outweighs the bad, then reviews will help not only establish your brand but also get those valuable conversions.

Don’t just enable a reviews feature and walk away—in order to get the most out of reviews, be sure to interact with reviewers (both the happy and the unhappy). Show new visitors that you are a brand that cares. From people sharing their stories with your products and the type of response you give, you will bolster your brand.

Take a clothing store, for example. Perhaps you aim to appeal to a certain type of audience, like festivalgoers. The more reviews you have that talk about how great your crop top was at such-and-such festival and how it held up the entire time you were doing such-and-such, the more your brand builds. Plus, with their permission, you can use those stories (and maybe the reviewers themselves) in your marketing.

Don’t shy away from reviews, form meaningful relationships with your leads, and engage in branding on multiple platforms. Seems simple enough, but when you’re dominating your industry your to-do list gets a bit long. That’s where Kraus Marketing comes in—contact us today to learn how our combination of experience and fresh ideas can take your branding to the next level.

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