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New Typography Trends of 2018

6 Different Typography Trends in The Market Today

Like all art forms, typography grows and evolves over time. Compelling typography holds power to direct how consumers interpret your brand and its messaging. Now, with the overload of various text consumers take in everyday, it’s important your brand catches your readers’ eye. Take a look at the typography trends happening in 2018 and how to stay relevant on all things type.


Large Headlines and Minimal Copy

Keeping it simple with type is historically a good option, and luckily for your company, simple is in. With the overload of text, logos, and other designs consumers see every day; a sharp, bold and simplistic typeface holds power for your brand to stand out.

For logos, try to limit it to one to three colors. As for web design, keep your headlines one color and bold.


Layering with Other Elements

Designers are really stepping out of the box with the new layering trend. Traditionally, text elements and other elements usually remain independent on the page. Now, designers embrace a more interactive approach between text and other elements. This may include overlapping elements with text to cover parts of letters or break up chunks of text. Done right, this method maintains readability of the text, adds dimension, and causes readers to focus longer on the text.


Clipping Mask

It’s almost unfair how easy and effective clipping masks engage readers. This style is both simple and visually appealing. Instead of choosing a color for your type, make it transparent and expose a background photo through the letters. Essentially all it takes is a large bold typeface filled in by a relevant photo, texture, or video to get the job done. This concept still allows the viewer to interpret the photo but breaks up the full image through the separation in the kerning of text.


Serif Fonts

Recently, serif fonts made its way back into the limelight of type. For a while, brands seemed to favor the more modern look of sans serif, but now you’ll certainly see both. Think times new roman with multiple personalities. The varied shape, width, and sizes of serifs allow for several different font options and a nice change from the plainer sans serif fonts.


Handwritten Script

Arguably the most exciting trend right now is the use of handwritten type. This style offers a natural look and feel to a brand’s image. The look is very organic and offers an extremely stylized approach for websites and logos.


Vintage Elements

Vintage style typeface made an impressive comeback in 2018. Breweries and coffee shops love to utilize this style, but you can find vintage type in a wide array of other industries. Typically, retro fonts play with line weight, stay simple in color, and use script, while offering a rich personality.

In the ever-evolving world of typography, being mindful of trends pays off for brands in the long run. What typography you use impacts how consumers interpret and feel about your brand. Experimentation in design is key.  While trends are helpful influencers of your designs, it’s equally imperative to remain original. It may be tricky to choose a style of type amongst the endless options, but a thoughtful analysis of your brand’s personality is a great way to narrow down what style fits your brand image best.

If you need help choosing or creating the perfect typography for your brand, contact the design professionals at Kraus Marketing!