My GoDaddy Site is Down… Why Isn’t My GoDaddy Site Working?

My GoDaddy Site is Down… Why Isn’t My GoDaddy Site Working?

My GoDaddy Site is Down… Why Isn’t My GoDaddy Site Working? 2560 2560 Kraus Marketing

Do you have a GoDaddy site that is down currently?

First of all, I’m sorry to hear that… I know it must be frustrating that your loyal viewers cannot see your website. In case you were wondering, your website was just one of many effected.

The reason why your GoDaddy site is down is due to the hacker group called Anonymous who took credit for knocking GoDaddy and all of their hosted sites off line.

Despite this not being a direct fault of GoDaddy they are probably one of the least professional hosting companies out there.

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What should I Do?

From our experience, a company that has developed and hosted hundreds of sites, their servers are slow which leads to poor load times. GoDaddy also has customer service that is comparable to your local cable provider, so if you have an issue, don’t bother calling them, you might as well Google it, because after waiting on hold for 30 minutes you are going to get a customer service rep on the phone that reads from a script. Pulling you’re your hair is more fun.

We provide a consultative first meeting without the pressure to sign. Let us know what you’re working on.

Lastly their server technology is severely out of date, which means that anything more than the most basic website means you need to upgrade your service. So if you are using them because they were the cheapest, well now your paying the same as many of their top rated competition and your still getting the same poor service and load times.

We usually recommend inmotion hosting to our clients, and have had very successful results. If your fed up with GoDaddy, and your numb-minded web developer or IT company that recommended them, please contact us.  At Kraus Marketing, we specialize in Website Design, Social Media and Branding. Our highly experienced team will be more than happy to help you transfer over to a much more reliable service.

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