Why Businesses Need A Mobile Website

Why Businesses Need A Mobile Website

Why Businesses Need A Mobile Website 849 565 Kraus Marketing

A mobile website is becoming essential for every business.

So you have the website, it is beautiful, custom made, and has an awesome flash banner that makes your site look like the Saks 5th Avenue of all websites. So you are all set, right? Not quite. Try pulling up your website on your iPhone or Android… what does it look like? Definitely not the same site that is on your desktop screen. Now your beautiful website looks like a thrift store. Is this a problem? The answer is yes.

According to Nielsen, it is estimated that one out of every two Americans will have a smart phone by the end of this year. If your site is not properly formatted to view on a smart phone, chances are that the user will bounce off of your site. That equates to lost dollars in your pocket.

Not convinced you need a mobile website? Ask yourself these questions:

Does your current website have flash?

From a design perspective a flash website can be very effective in maintaining a viewer’s attention. A website with great looking images is like a well manicured store front. Its appearance gives off the impression that you are a healthy, well managed and maintained business. However, there is a downside to creating your website with flash: mobile devices do not yet have the capability of reading flash. When a flash website is pulled up on a mobile device, that portion of the website will not be available for viewing on the mobile screen. I’m sure you’ve all seen the annoying 3D box with the question mark in the center. We can format your website so that any mobile user can view the main points of your site and allow for easy viewing.

Is your company a retail business?

It has been predicted that US online shoppers will double to 132 million in the next five years.* The majority of households today have dual working parents and people are moving towards convenience in everything that they do. Shoppers are now logging on instead of getting in the car to make their purchases. If you provide added value to your shopper by not only offering an online store but then also providing the option to use their smart phone, you will surely beat out your competition.

Do you have a contact form on your website?

Any website that offers the opportunity to fill out a contact form needs to have a mobile website. A contact form on a website is like having a full time sales person and customer service rep on staff. It is the easiest way to gain a hot lead. If someone pulls up your website on their phone and they do not have any easy way to request more information, I guarantee they will leave your site with small hopes that they will ever return.

Is Search Engine Optimization important to you?

You should invest in SEO. Why? We all know that getting your website on the first page of Google is determined by how your site is being crawled and indexed, the better and more relevant copy and the more inbound links you have the better your chances are for coming in with better search results. What you may not be aware of is that Google has a separate system for indexing your mobile site. When Google indexes your website, it checks if your web pages can be viewed on a mobile device. If they are, then that information will be included in their mobile site index, essentially allowing Google to see you as offering more relevant information which will boost your ranking.

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