5 Tips to Make Sure Your New Business Website Makes the Right Impression

5 Tips to Make Sure Your New Business Website Makes the Right Impression

5 Tips to Make Sure Your New Business Website Makes the Right Impression 849 565 Kraus Marketing

A website is your brand’s virtual storefront. You need to make sure it is in top quality.

You know the old saying, “You only have one chance to make a first impression.” In the online world it’s more like one moment, so make sure you make the most of that chance for your business’ website. These five elements will ensure your site works positively to build your brand’s online identity and brand trust.

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Perception is Reality

An outdated, poorly designed website is about as inviting as a plate of stale food so be mindful of what you are serving your current and prospective customers on your site.

Good website design is a crucial part of how site visitors will perceive your brand; there’s no question in our minds that customers trust your brand based on what they see on the Web. It determines whether or not people will jump off after landing on a page or click through to view more pages, watch a video, or fill out the contact box for more information. Design a website that is clean and uncluttered, with images that support your brand’s story and invite visitors to stay on the page.

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Go Mobile

By 2014, it is predicted that more people will access the internet via their smartphones than their desktop computers. Smartphone market penetration has skyrocketed; according to statista.com, market penetration in 2014 is projected to reach 64 percent of all new handset sales, and IBM reports that mobile commerce sales now account for over 13 percent of total online sales.

Mobile optimized websites are very different looking then their desktop cousins. They are made to accommodate the smaller smartphone screens, touch screens, and gesture-based navigation. There are two way’s you can go with your Mobile optimized site: Smartphone Specific or Responsive Design. Both solutions will be thumb-friendly, require no zooming or panning left to right, only scrolling up and down.

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Get Video

People like to take in information in different ways—through text, images, or video—so your website should offer various media. Video embedded in your brand’s website boosts visitor engagement or interaction, increases length of time on the page, and is good for SEO.

Think of your videos as online commercials – keep them relatively short and to the point, 60 seconds or less. These snippets of information can be linked to a longer video somewhere else, such as YouTube or Vimeo, which will also provide good back links to your website (another strong SEO strategy).

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Become More Social

Social networks provide excellent ways to boost your business’ visibility online and your social media accounts should be linked to your website. Cross-promote your social media content with your website to encourage traffic to the site or to promotional landing pages.

We recommend embedding widgets on your company website to allow Twitter or Facebook feeds, for example, another great cross-platform marketing tactic.

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Search Engine Optimize (SEO) and Track

Strong search engine optimization will enhance your website’s organic search engine results. It involves implementing the proper keywords and key phrases, writing relevant on-page content, and targeted meta tags, title tags, and page descriptions.

Website analytics provide valuable data about how your website is performing—information that will help you grow your business.

At very least you should be tracking this data on a regular basis:

  • Where your site visitors are coming from (direct, referral, organic search or paid search)
  • Bounce Rate
  • What keywords your being found for
  • Average visit length
  • Top visited pages and landing pages
  • Top exit pages

By analyzing this information, we can determine where you are losing your customers and through which channels you are gaining them. We then evaluate the changes necessary to encourage more traffic and convert more visits to sales.

By themselves, these five elements can only go so far, but taken together in a cohesive website development plan can help you turn your website into a valuable online asset for your business.

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