6 Strategies To Help Drive Mobile Calls

6 Strategies To Help Drive Mobile Calls

6 Strategies To Help Drive Mobile Calls 2560 1708 Kraus Marketing

Use these extensions for your mobile strategy on your website

Mobile has passed desktop for local search. However, small business owners are still using PPC & CTR metrics that aren’t meant to drive calls. These metrics can actually hurt ad performance. Even though ad spending for mobile is expected to increase by 50%, desktop advertising budgets that are driven by PPM, PPC and CTR are still being used to measure the success of mobile campaigns. These metrics aren’t obsolete, but better methods should be used to analyze campaign performance.

Small business owners should focus more on call metrics and not PPC and CTR. Click-to-call and call extension makes the process of generating calls for small business owners a lot easier. Here are 6 strategies to help drive mobile calls for your business:

  1. Use Call Extensions For The Most Direct Connection To Your Business

Call extensions are clickable buttons within search results that are used to encourage visitors to call your business. Adding call extensions to your ads will make it easier for people who are actively searching for your services to call you on the go.

Studies conducted by Google has shown that:

  • 70% of mobile searchers have used call extensions to call businesses
  • Ads with call extensions get an 8% higher click-through rate
  • Google call extensions drive nearly 100 million calls a month
  1. Let the locals know that you’re local too

The amount of consumers shopping local is on the rise. This is because consumers trust local business owners more and believe that they are getting quality products and services. In fact, reports by Google have shown that 50 percent of searches have local intent. Thus it’s important to ensure that consumers know that your business is local.

  1. Respond directly to “Near Me” searches

In just the last year alone, the amount of searches for businesses using the search term near by & near me has increased substantially, with the majority of the searches coming from mobile devices. As a result of this, Google has launched a new mobile ad format that shows up when users search for nearby & near me. These ads have a click-to-call button, location, and directions.

  1. Provide Only One Response Option: Call The Business

It’s best to provide consumers with calls to action that are simple and straight to the point. This will cut down on the amount of steps it takes to contact you. The main focus should be to get consumers to call you and inquire about your products and services.

  1. Know Where Your Calls Are Coming From

If you don’t know where your calls are coming from, it would be hard to optimize your spending. Failing to attribute calls from mobile ads can cause you to miss a huge percent of your conversions. Call tracking can give you better insights into where your calls are coming and the kind of conversions that you’re getting. Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) is a technology that can replace your phone number with a unique number that can be used to track phone calls.

  1. Measure Rich Data Unique To Calls

It’s a best practice to not use the same measurements that are you used to evaluate clicks for phone calls. This is because you can miss out on important and relevant data that can help you better understand the quality of your phone calls.

Instead, track and measure the following data points:

  • Marketing Source
  • Caller Data
  • Type of call
  • Outcome of call

Tracking this data will help you better optimize ads that drive calls, such as making bid adjustments, and eliminating keywords that aren’t converting.


Using metrics and strategies that are used to drive clicks for desktop ads can result in poor mobile ad performance. You have to develop mobile ad strategies that can help you get more phone calls and increase conversions. Develop a clear plan and stick with it, you’ll get a better ROI in the long run.

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