Optimized Tweets Can Double Content Shares

Optimized Tweets Can Double Content Shares

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Twitter’s optimized tweets can help reuse & repurpose your company’s content

We’ve all heard the saying “content is king.” However, creating great content does not guarantee that it will be seen by a lot of people. We live in a society that is filled with a lot of information on just about anything that you can think of. Great content won’t look so great if no one sees it. This is where optimizing your tweets can double your content sharing on Twitter. Sadly, most of the sites with sharing buttons haven’t optimized their tweet button. This can cause you to lose out on social media sharing. In fact, taking the time to follow this simple step can cause the sharing of your content to increase by 700 percent.

Optimizing your tweet button is important. Here are 4 key elements that can have an impact on the amount of times your content is shared:

  1. Is there a title?

Most tweet buttons will only post the URL and not the actual name of the post. People are more likely to read your article if they know the title. The title will get the attention of readers, and cause them to engage with your content. Tweets with optimized titles usually get better results compared to tweets without a title.

  1. Shortened URL

No one likes a long URL. In fact, a long URL will only produce poor results. The URL should be clean and free of strange and unnecessary add-ons. Sometimes a lengthy URL can affect the tweet’s 140-character limit. Also, an optimized URL will help improve your CTR.

  1. Keyword

If you want to get that extra SEO boost, it would be a good idea to ensure that your URL contains the target keyword for the post. Having a semantically correct URL can cause your post to get more organic traffic. Just like title tags, keywords are used for determining relevancy and computing your organic rankings.

  1. Credit Handle

Far too often, the default tweet button doesn’t have the handle of the content creator. If you’re going through all this trouble to create great content, why let the credit go to someone else?


Very few websites take the time to optimize their tweet buttons. Tweets with the best chance of success have three important characteristics: a title, a clean URL, and the target keyword in the URL. With that being said, it’s important to make sure that your tweet buttons are optimized so that you can get the best results.

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