Tips for NJ & NYC Nonprofit Marketers in 2016

Tips for NJ & NYC Nonprofit Marketers in 2016

Tips for NJ & NYC Nonprofit Marketers in 2016 2560 1598 Kraus Marketing

Marketing trends are continuously changing and growing, and marketers need to stay on their toes to keep up with the trends. But for nonprofit marketers, a specific strategy needs to be in place that is in line with the 2016 marketing trends. Here are some of the emerging trends to help NJ & NYC nonprofit marketers in 2016.

1. The Gradual Move Away from Print

With the escalating growth of online marketing, marketers are moving away from traditional print advertising. But that being said, print marketing shouldn’t be ignored completely. Direct mail has been shown to make money within the 55 plus age bracket, which are a big chunk of donators. Although these print mailers have been proven to be successful to one demographic, it shouldn’t be the only strategy for nonprofit marketers. Tracking print marketing can be tough, given that you can’t measure who actually reads the mailers sent out.

2. Keeping up with a Social Media Strategy

One of the most important factors of social media marketing is knowing who and where your audience is. Not only are there the staple social media outlets – Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn – but now there’s also Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and more. Although your nonprofit may have a big following, you’ll need the cash to get the reach you’re looking for. Building exposure on social media has become a paying game, and in order to get the reach you want, you’ll need the funds to do so.

But if you’ve decided to “pay to play”, get a good understanding of where and who your key audience is. The last thing online marketers want is to spend their ad dollars with no return.

Additionally, keeping your presence on social media is a task within itself. Regularly updating your company’s posts and articles will help build confidence of your organization, and understanding the latest trends and social media apps only helps. Developing a calendar of social media content and posts is a great way to stay organized and keep your content coming along in a timely manner.

3. Migration to Mobile

Optimizing your strategy for mobile should be at the top of your priorities. Although this trend is far from new, it is here to stay… and growing faster than ever. Last year, mobile usage has increased by almost 400% according to comScore, with more people moving away from their desktops while becoming more active on their mobile devices.

That being said, you don’t need to spend a fortune to accommodate mobile optimization. You should take a look at your current content to make sure that the page appears the way you want it to on multiple mobile devices. If you have a donation page, make sure that one is optimized and easy for mobile users to navigate and donate. Shortening forms or using an auto-filling technique can help make the donation process easier for users.

4. Developing a connection with potential donors

Many donors – specifically millennials – are looking to make connections and create impact with their donation money. This means that all content within your marketing plan should be more about building a connection and engagement your supporters and less about the pitch. It’s a good idea to plan this year’s marketing strategy with the goal of creating deeper relationships and stronger connections with your constituents.

Moving Forward in 2016

As a nonprofit marketer, it is crucial to keep up with the latest trends to get people to donate to your cause. Here at Kraus Marketing, we specialize in developing marketing strategies for commercial and nonprofit companies alike. Looking for some assistance with your marketing strategy? Visit our website or contact us at 973-998-5742.



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