Modern Essential Skills for Mobile Marketing

Modern Essential Skills for Mobile Marketing

Modern Essential Skills for Mobile Marketing 1659 1157 Kraus Marketing

Implementing a successful mobile marketing strategy involves commitment, creativity, and personalization. Want to make the most out of your mobile strategy? Here are some modern essential skills for mobile marketers.

Your phone is a very personal part of your life. It rests in your pocket, sits next to your bed and is checked upon constantly throughout the day. Owning a mobile phone cultivates an intimate relationship between yourself and the connections you create through it. This makes mobile marketing an incredibly important, and also quite nuanced part of marketing. As with any other marketing campaign, there is no one size fit all. Here are 5 essential skills for mobile marketers.

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Improve Mobile Presences

To prepare a mobile campaign, you need to build a mobile presence. Invest in making your website mobile friendly, or optimize your existing mobile site. Usability is key for a growing web presence. A good mobile site needs to be easy to navigate above all else. Many designers opt to use responsive web design to create a seamless web experience regardless of which device a visitor uses. Organic inbound mobile marketing can really enhance your ability to create a measurable ROI. Talk with your designer about steering site visitors to a proprietary app such as Google Maps, or create a Text/Email campaign.

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Don’t Rebuild

Rather than rebuilding your campaign from scratch, test and optimize to iterate. Use smart data and signals to inform your mobile communication strategy. And don’t limit the tactics of your mobile campaign. Mobile marketing doesn’t only consist of text messages, or display ads in apps. Choose a variety of tactics or platforms to engage your users in a surround sound approach. Small businesses may want to carefully weigh the benefits before investing in one of these higher priced mobile marketing tactics such as geofencing, third party app targeting or proprietary app development.

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Create a holistic view of customer interactions

Regardless of the end goal, a mobile user’s experience must be aligned throughout the entire process. Mobile websites should facilitate a user’s natural mobile interactions, and people interact with mobile websites differently than they do a PC. Simply make a user’s experience easy with brand listings can improve small business mobile conversions without a costly campaign.

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Deliver personalized marketing experiences

Don’t limit the creative ways you can engage with your audience. Consider utilizing video to deliver succinct but memorable messages. Sixty-five percent of the worlds population are visual learners, video—especially mobile video is now more crucial then ever. It’s estimated by eMarketer that mobile ad spend will top $100 billion worldwide by the end of this year.

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Prove the value of your mobile marketing strategy

Any marketer that cannot show the economic value of their activities will fail to earn the attention of their executives. Period. But proving the value of your social media strategy is not as hard as it seems. Analyze the rate of engagement with your customers, calculate the growth of your social media campaign and keep track of the public’s positive reactions. Lastly, your mobile campaign will be judged by its economic value, a metric that should never be underestimated.

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