Google AdWords Query Mapping For NJ/NYC Small Business Owners

Google AdWords Query Mapping For NJ/NYC Small Business Owners

Google AdWords Query Mapping For NJ/NYC Small Business Owners 2560 1706 Kraus Marketing

Learn The Importance of Query Mapping For Your AdWords Account In Your NJ/NYC Small Or Medium Sized Business.

As a small business owner, chances are you want to save money and cut down on unnecessary costs. Many business owners in NJ & NYC are eager to give Google AdWords aka PPC advertising a shot. If not done right, this kind of advertising can be costly. However, if managed properly, one could reap the rewards of getting new leads and clients to their business. After all, that’s the point of AdWords, it gets you on top of Google instantly and puts you right in front people who are actively searching for your products and services.

Sometimes you have to take a closer look at your PPC Campaigns and trends to see how your budget is being used up and if you’re using the right keywords. This is where query mapping comes in, something that most NJ & NYC small & medium business owners tend to neglect. Analyzing query mapping will give you an idea of your account’s structural and economical health.

Google AdWords Query Mapping

Query mapping involves filtering through the search queries in your account to see which ad groups are being paired with each other. Also, subsequently adding in negative keywords so that queries are matched correctly. This will allow your campaigns to be more organized and structured, in turn, helping to raise our quality score.

Query mapping is not a not a new concept and has been around for quite sometime now. However, it might be foreign to most advertisers. Typically, this is because they might not see the value in it, or it might be too time consuming. Despite all the reasons why you might not want to do query mapping, at the end of the day it is important.

If you don’t part take in query mapping, your account could end up costing you a lot of money while producing a low ROI. The art of keyword mapping is just another way to take keywords that are already performing and making them better.

The Keyword is Paused, But The Query Remains

Growing your an account involves testing and adding new keywords. However, sometimes those keywords don’t always work out. The problem is that when you pause a keyword, the query that corresponds to that keyword will just begin to match a different keyword instead. This means you will continue to get poor traffic which leads to poor campaign performance.

Isolating Keyword Performance

A big step to improving campaign performance is ensuring that poor search queries aren’t showing up in your account. You have to figure out which keywords aren’t performing well and are only wasting your ad budget. You might have the keyword CPA services, and someone might be searching for “CPA Exams” or similar search terms that are not relevant to your business and will not convert. This is where you could add in a negative keyword such as “Exams” to ensure that you won’t get traffic or clicks from people searching for exams and are looking to become CPA’s and aren’t necessarily in need of CPA Services.

Other Uses For Negative Keyword Sculpting

Query mapping is important in helping you put your best and most relevant foot forward with ads and landing pages. If you decide to build out your campaigns or ad groups by match types, negative keywords should be added to the account. This will ensure that the most appropriate query maps to the best possible query. Also, if you have dynamic search ads campaigns, it would be a good practice to do some keyword sculpting to ensure that you aren’t robbing Peter to pay Paul. DSAs are great for picking up queries in your account that you might be missing out on. Also, don’t forget to ad negative keywords to ensure that they don’t compete with your search campaigns.

Final Thoughts On Query Mapping

When analyzing your account, it’s usually a good idea to start by reviewing which queries are mapping to multiple ad groups and resolve those issues first. From there you can dive deeper into the account and look at which queries are mapping to which keywords. You should also make it a process to check up on your campaigns to see how they are performing and what changes could be made to help improve performance and save your NJ or NYC business money.

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