Tips for Successful Instagram Advertising

Tips for Successful Instagram Advertising

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Are you looking to start advertising on Instagram? Here are some key tips on getting started with Instagram Advertising.

Social media advertising has taken off in recent years. Developing a successful social media ad campaign takes time and commitment, and ad strategies should be different depending on the specific platform. Instagram released their advertising capabilities this past year, and this new feature is only benefiting brands with building overall awareness. But there are certain things marketers should keep in mind when developing Instagram ads, including the following:

Proper Lighting & Detail

Instagram is all about imagery. To keep the posts looking as if they’re part of a user’s feed, choosing to use proper, high-quality photos is a must. Using a high-quality image will help the ad stand out while fitting in with the flow of the user’s Instagram feed. Avoid using grainy or blurry images, and choose to create posts with new content and unique imagery. Having authentic imagery, proper natural lighting and contrast with unique content will help make your Instagram ad successful. Instagram is a visual platform and branding and pictures will be the first thing that your potential clients see.

Delicate Branding

Successful Instagram ads are the ones that fit in with the rest of the user’s feed. As an advertiser, it may be tempting to heavily include your logo and brand into the ad, but having your content fit in organically with the user’s feed will show more success.

That being said, try incorporating your brand or logo into your ad subtly. You don’t want your Instagram ad to be overpowering or too intense, as it will push users eyes down their feed instead of sticking to your ad.

Minimal Copy

Although not every advertiser follows this rule, it is smart to keep the copy minimal to maximize the ads effectiveness. Instagram is all about imagery, and the ads should keep that same focus.

If you opt to use a text overlay in your photos, you should also stick to the 20% rule – meaning that the text should only take over 20 percent of your ad space. Ads with text that takes up more than 20 percent of the photo regularly gets rejected by users. Utilizing the picture’s caption space instead of on the image itself is important to keep users interested and interacted.


Instagram advertising shouldn’t be viewed the same as advertising on other mediums. Keeping the focus on the quality of the image with support of the right copy is key to making it successful and to build conversions. Just like your other social media platforms, make sure your campaign strategies are optimized and you know what types of measurements you are looking for out of each campaign.

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