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Easy Strategies for Improving the E-commerce Experience

5 Ways to Enhance the E-commerce Experience for Shoppers

There are different types of shoppers who come to your site. Some know exactly what they are looking for, others want to browse the options available, and the rest may have certain criteria that they are trying to meet. All shoppers have different expectations and intentions when shopping online, but they all have the same basic need for convenience.

The e-commerce experience provided by your website can make or break a sale. If you’re reporting a high bounce rate or have an increase in abandoned carts, you can implement these simple strategies to enhance the e-commerce experience for your customers.

Responsive Web Design

This is as simple as ensuring your website design is easily accessible on any device. If your site doesn’t load correctly on mobile, odds are the customer will just use a different retailer instead of logging on to a different device. To prevent the loss of sales, redesign your website to be responsive and mobile-friendly.

Enhanced Product Search

An enhanced product search will make it quick and easy for any customer to find a specific product. Make sure your site has an easy to find search bar at the top of every page. You may even consider implementing an autocomplete feature to show suggestions to the consumer based on their search terms. This may even encourage an additional sale. Create filters by brand, size, color, type, and other product-defining features that relate to your industry. Create sort options by price, rating, and best-selling to allow the consumer to find products in their target range.

Informative Product Pages

Customers want to feel properly informed when making a purchase. Since they cannot physically touch or see the product, having detailed product pages will allow them to feel confident in making a purchase. Be straightforward in describing the product features and include pictures from an assortment of angles. Also, by incorporating transparent customer reviews, you can help create trust with consumers.

Easy Checkout Process

Having a simple and secure checkout process will help reduce the number of abandoned carts on your site. Try displaying each step of the checkout process at the top of the page so that consumers know how many steps there are. Accepting multiple types of payment, or having the payment options clearly visible on your homepage, will also reduce the number of abandoned carts. Be aware of any updates available for your shopping cart plugins as slow checkout may encourage click-away.

Live Chat

Customer service is key to any sales experience and is even more so with e-commerce. Purchasing online requires the customer to have a lot of trust in your company and product. Without being able to touch, try on, or smell a product, customers may be left with a lot of questions. Having a responsive live chat feature on your site will quickly provide an extra level of customer service to enhance their overall experience. This is also great for questions regarding exchanges or returns.

If you’re unsure how to implement these tips into your site, we can help! Kraus Marketing is an award-winning e-commerce web design and development agency ready to address your concerns. Contact us today to get started on enhancing your site today!