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Audio SEO : Are Podcasts on SERPs the Next Big Thing?

How Audio SEO Could Be a Game-changer for Your Business

Audio is becoming increasingly popular, and is already the third most popular medium, after image and video. Earlier this year, Google announced that they will start including podcasts in Google Search results. This will enable users to listen to podcasts directly from the SERP or save an episode for later. Podcasts aren’t new, but they have recently gained a lot of traction. Podcast SEO is expected to be a popular term among marketers in the future, so you can get a head start in this area by crafting your audio SEO strategy today.

Why Start Using Audio Content?

Adding audio to your marketing strategy is a great way to shake up your regularly scheduled content. Your audience can easily get bored of seeing the same content from each brand they follow and are hungry for new methods of consuming information. Audio, including podcasts, is an opportunity to provide that new and interesting experience.

Not only will audio as a new form of content interest consumers, it will get them to come to and stay on your site longer by enhancing the user experience. This signals to search engines that you provide quality content, which will boost your SERP rankings.

However, if you want new consumers to find your website, you need to implement traditional SEO tactics.

How to Optimize Your Audio Content

You can treat audio the same way you would treat any other form of content. Decide on a topic that is relevant to your business and begin searching for relevant industry keywords. Write interesting SEO tags such as your title and H1, incorporating the keywords you found. Also, be sure to use them in the script of your audio.

Keep in mind that even though Google is increasing its own capabilities to transcribe audio itself, providing your own transcription of your audio will ensure that your SEO efforts have not gone to waste. This provides SEO friendly content to your website while optimizing the user experience. Users will be able to choose in which form they prefer to view the content. You can also write a caption describing what the audio clip or video is about, making sure to use your keywords!

Stay ahead of the competition and be prepared when Google fully implements audio into their SERPs. Kraus Marketing employs professionals fully versed in SEO best practices. Contact us today to get started on your audio SEO strategy today!