WordPress Website Design Agency

Arguably, the most important aspect of your business is your website. The reason being it serves as a first impression that potential customers receive. If they can’t find the information they want or the site is not aesthetically pleasing, you might have lost business.

Now that you understand the importance of websites, it’s time to get into specifics. What platform would you like to build your site on? We recommend a content management system, such as WordPress, because it is easy to update and maintain. Not to mention, Google loves WordPress sites as the framework is constantly updated. With over 10,000 plugins, you can optimize your site for SEO and social media.

As of 2014, 74,652,825 sites were hosted on WordPress. In fact, self-hosted sites on WordPress account for 18.9% of all websites. It’s no surprise that WordPress is extremely successful among numerous organizations.

A site built on WordPress can grow with your company, adding new pages and blog posts to your site will not impact the performance of it. It also works well with large teams, as you can easily create users with roles to edit/maintain the WordPress website.

Our clients love WordPress websites because they can manage their site from any computer and do not need to know any HTML to publish a new page or blog post. Clients also love the customizable aspect of it, meaning their websites do not have to look like 10 of their competitors. Our team prides itself on providing beautifully designed websites for our clients in a variety of industries.

Do you want to create a beautifully designed WordPress website that represents your business? Kraus Marketing can help! Our team of expert web designers, SEO/PPC specialists, social media experts, and copywriters can design a WordPress site for your business. All of our websites are built with an SEO foundation and are mobile-responsive. Contact us today to get started!