Web Design for Small Businesses in Tampa, FL (4 Must-Haves)

Web Design for Small Businesses in Tampa, FL (4 Must-Haves)

Web Design for Small Businesses in Tampa, FL (4 Must-Haves) 1280 960 Kraus Marketing

Essential Web Design for Small Businesses Located in Tampa

Developing a website is important for any business, whether big or small, as it is how potential customers learn more about a company and what they offer. Implementing effective web design for small businesses is the key to expanding any company’s reach, so we’ve listed four must-haves for a successful site.

Web Design Ideas: Our 4 Must-Haves

It’s best to plan out what you want to include on your site and consider the most important elements for your business or industry. Here are our top four ideas regarding web design for small businesses.

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1. Create Your Website Layout

Website layouts are crucial in web design for small businesses because they set the foundation for your site. Before you get developing, establish how you want your website to look, especially in terms of color, imagery, typography, and any design elements that tie into your branding. If your business also has a brick and mortar location, try incorporating elements from your physical location into your site’s layout. This will help give customers a similar experience, whether they’re in person or online.

2. Have Dedicated Pages

A common mistake in web design for small businesses is having one single page with all the company’s information. It’s best to have multiple pages that are dedicated to different aspects of your business and services. This makes it easier for potential customers to navigate your website and find specific information while also helping to increase your search engine optimization efforts. More pages mean more opportunity for relevant keywords, copy, links, and more. We consider these three pages to be crucial for any website.

Home Page

When it comes to web design for small businesses, the home page is crucial to having the most important information for potential customers because it’s the first one they’ll see. Use the home page to describe your small business and what industry it is a part of.

About Page

Having an about page can help display your business’ story to customers. You can even explain why you chose to have your business in Tampa to connect with more residents. Using this page to answer questions is a great way of engaging potential customers.

Contact Page

The best way to have potential customers reach out is by creating a clear contact page so they can call, email, or physically visit your business. You can also use this page to showcase that your company is in Tampa by including photos of the location and a map.

3. Optimized User Interface

Another important aspect of web design for small businesses is making your website easy to navigate—also known as a positive user experience. Potential customers should be able to find all the information they need about your business in an efficient way. Your website should also be visually organized with simple navigation.

This also means ensuring your site is mobile friendly, since many people look up small businesses on their phones. Make sure all buttons are properly positioned for mobile scrolling and that elements such as images are formatted correctly.

4. Make It Interactive

Creating an interactive web design for small businesses is a great way to make customers’ experiences more memorable. Try adding videos of your location in Tampa throughout the website so that people can familiarize themselves with your business. We also recommend having chat features with a company representative on the backend for potential customers to ask specific questions and easily find answers.

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