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The Importance of Creative Websites

Importance of Creative Websites: 4 Reasons Why

When the time comes to create or re-design your website, it may seem like a fun idea to choose the most dynamic templates, the prettiest fonts, and your favorite colors. Now, putting personal preferences aside – imagine you were visiting your site for the first time. Bells and whistles may be tolerable if you were already seasoned on the content of your site, but as a first-timer, you need to let users navigate your site with ease.

Users need to know what you are offering, they should be able to navigate your goods or services, find your Call to Action (CTA) and move on with their day. So, when we consider the most successful creative websites – what do they do?

They identify your brand

More times than not, when you have a new visitor, they are discovering your brand for the first time. Besides the guaranteed proven quality of your products or services, if you want to make a good first impression, you need to incorporate the manipulation and navigation of your website into the mix. It takes seconds for a user to decide if you are a reputable brand or not. Your images, menus, and your logo should represent you in your best light – allowing people to see you as a reliable brand that can recognize the importance of convenient and streamlined transactions.

They make you visible

When a user inputs keywords in a search engine relevant to your content – you want your business to appear. The way this is done is by using clean HTML code and CSS images. A CSS image gallery delivers high-resolution images with fluent navigation. Bots will roam your website to determine what it is you are offering. If your content is appropriate for a given keyword or phrase, the more likely users will stay on your pages and engage with your site. The bonus? Search engines will rank you higher the longer people stay on your site.

They balance content and graphics

No one wants to land on a site and see a huge block of text. When it comes to your content, you don’t want to overwhelm your users. If you are in a technically-heavy business, using jargon may be necessary, but always keep your content comprehensive and legible. A good balance is established by including graphics to break up your text, as well as using graphics to emphasize or further explain your content.

They result in conversions

If users are coming to your site and finding what they need – you have kept up your end of the bargain. As a business, you are promising a potential or current customer that you will solve their problem. The word “problem” suggests that customers have a need or want which needs satisfying, and every business believes they are the best suited for the task. Be clear with what you are offering and offer it quickly. Loading pages at a glacial pace or reoccurring navigational errors could take you out of the running. And since your users never leave home without their devices – make sure your site is mobile responsive.

Is your website the best it can be? Website creation is one of the most important aspects of your business. As we have learned, it can even be your brand’s first impression. So, why not contact the professionals at Kraus Marketing? We specialize in integrated digital marketing strategies that include responsive websites, comprehensive branding, social media marketing, SEO & PPC, and everything in between.