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Why the Medical Field Needs Instagram

4 Ways Instagram Will Attract Your Target Audience in the Medical Field

The medical field is not immune to marketing. In the United States, with an exorbitant amount of private practices, business is business. This means, if you are a medical practitioner, you may have some substantial competition. While it may seem adequate to have a website, hope for some good word of mouth, and trust that your regulars will return – you may need to start looking at the future of your patient base. And what is the best way reach them? Social media in the medical field, or more specifically, Instagram.

Instagram is the perfect platform to get the word out with one of the most populated and influential demographics. There are approximately 800 million users, in which 90% are under the age of 35. This allows you to reach an audience that may not be as prone to doctor visits. Let’s take a look at some of Instagram’s best practices for the medical field.

Instagram features

So, now that you have Instagram, how are you going to grab potential patients’ attention? Use the features available to you on the social media app. These tools have the capacity to help you build your brand and give you a competitive advantage.


Do a little competitor research. Hashtags are a great way for users of the app to stumble upon your page. If your competitors are using similar hashtags, you should probably enter yourself into the race. Seeing as your content is only available to your followers, hashtags widen your exposure.

Instagram stories

Sometimes, being a medical practitioner sets you apart from others in the population. Instagram stories allow you to show your target audience that you are relatable. Going to the doctor’s office can be an intimidating process for many individuals. Why not show your followers that you are human as well, and that you too burn a roast chicken once in a while?

Blog posts

The ultimate goal with any marketing tool is getting conversions. You want patients to come to your office for a consultation, either for a newly required service or to make the switch from their current doctor. Giving your followers an incentive to visit your website can be done by posting blog-related content. This can be done with text-based graphics – highlighting your services and directing your users to find the link to your site on your profile.

Content focus

Be trendy, or as trendy as possible. While it is imperative that you focus on your services and what you could offer your patients – remember this app is widely used by younger individuals. There’s an interest in more personalized and engaging content surrounding informational material, events, and local communities. Typically, anything too tech-heavy or promotional isn’t as popular. The bottom line is you need to be consistent with your overall tone, find your angle and don’t forget to take a peek around to see what else is happening on the platform.

Why Instagram?

Instagram is a combination of two things that the majority of people have come to grow and love; imagery and instant gratification. Individuals are highly visual, and we respond well to visually pleasing elements. Put this on a never-ending wheel where people don’t have to wait for each image to load.

As a practitioner in the medical field – you have the ability to build your brand, curate relevant content, and engage with potential patients. The numbers are there, it’s just a matter of using the right tools. Are you looking to grow your patient base using Instagram? Let Kraus Marketing fine-tune the process. We specialize in integrated digital marketing strategies that include comprehensive branding, social media marketing, and everything in between. Contact us today!