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Are You Having Ecommerce Growth Problems? Here’s How to Overcome It

Tactics on How to Overcome E-commerce Growth Problems

The potential for e-commerce growth is massive. With an increasing number of individuals bypassing physical stores for their everyday transactions, your technological advantage as an online shop plays a huge role in your success.

Generating sales does require some manipulation, marketing, and effort. While you are in the perfect position at baseline, following some very useful tactics will ensure that you are on the right path, the path of a steady e-commerce growth rate. Here are some great marketing practices you should be trying.

Customer Testimonials

Something crucial that you must build with your customers and potential customers – is trust. So, how is this done? You show people what they want to see. You show them that many individuals before them have made secure transactions with your brand, and most importantly, they were satisfied with the merchandise. This gives people enough peace of mind to comfortably use your business. After all, approximately 77% of users consult these before making a purchase.

Live Chat

Have you ever been shopping on an e-commerce site, and as you’re scrolling you see a pop up on the bottom right side of your screen? This is here for a reason. While it may be annoying to some, it is a crucial communication feature. Questions inevitably pop up when you’re shopping online. Customer service comes in all shapes and forms, but 73% of users prefer having a live chat option over all other forms.

Streamlined Checkout

Once you’ve finished loading your shopping cart and you’re ready to check out, something as trivial as being asked to sign in could sway many users away from finalizing a purchase. This is an extra step most people don’t want to do. Give your users the option of using a guest checkout. You will see an increase in online shopping transactions when you limit the amount of information required. Another great tactic would be to allow users to click a button to replicate the delivery address, if it’s the same as the billing address. The more steps you remove from this process the better.

Email Marketing

Thanks to the checkout process from previous transactions, email lists are generated, and half of your work is done for email marketing. Some great ways to get traffic to your site again from these users is by finding that delicate balance between being aggressive and not being aggressive enough. One to two weeks after a purchase, bringing some complementary items to your users’ attention via email may do the trick. It is suggested to blast promotional content in the event of sales or seasonal clearance, and of course, keeping national holidays in sync with these always seem to hit a sweet spot with users.

Paid Traffic

It’s all about testing the audience waters. There’s no need to spend a lot of money on a campaign you’re not sure is the most effective. A great thing about paid marketing platforms is you can run similar campaigns to see which ones come out with the most conversions. There’s no need to go all in at once. Targeting the right users using appropriate keywords, locations, and language is a good start. A clear Call to Action (CTA) and a sense of urgency will usually get people clicking.

As you can see, growing your e-commerce platform and building a thriving brand is more than doable. Are you looking to grow your online ecommerce business? Kraus Marketing is your all-in-one digital agency. We specialize in integrated digital marketing strategies that include comprehensive branding, social media marketing, SEO & paid search, website design, and everything in between. Contact us today!