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How SEO is Crucial in Amazon Marketing

SEO Influences in Amazon Marketing

We have all come to learn and understand how important Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is. The search behavior of individuals and the quality of content we engage with are harmoniously computed to ensure that businesses come out on top of a search engine results page (SERP), and the users are happy with the results. That is – if Google and SEO specialists have done their homework.

If you’re perplexed with one of life’s unanswered questions or needs – go to Google. If you’re looking for products, join the 310 million active users and head to Amazon. As more and more people skip Google to review and gain product knowledge, making sure your product appears on the first SERP is essential. So, if we’re talking about Amazon marketing – how is this done?


A9 is Amazon’s search engine algorithm, and it ensures that impending transactions run smoothly. This means, as individuals search for any given product – the results curated should be two things; relevant and highly recommended by other Amazon users. These two categories are the foundation of optimizing your products – they are your ranking factors.


Your relevance ranking factors are completely in your control. The correct usage of keywords can make you a top seller, claiming your spot on the first page. The following areas are especially important to keep in mind when implementing your relevant keywords.

Product-title – This is a big one. When optimizing your product name, it’s important to include product details such as quantity, dimensions, color, and essential ingredients. What’s more, always include your brand name and a decent description of what your product is doing.

Seller name – While it may be fun to have a unique name, using some relevant keywords in your name has been shown to yield higher search ranking results. If you are in the business of selling wedding bands, giving yourself a name like “Red Roses” may be misleading to your potential users, not to mention the risk of the A9 algorithm looking past you.

Backend keywords – These are the keywords you will plugin to let Amazon know what it is you are selling, but there are limits. You have a 50-character limit in five fields and you cannot be repetitive. Amazon will only pick up pertinent words so make them count. It is suggested to use minor variations and synonyms.

Product description – Try to remember that human beings are reading these descriptions, so besides some technicalities with product features, it has to be clear. Using your relevant keywords in a natural tone – sell the strong points of your product and be convincing.


Your performance ranking factors are in the land beyond keywords. While your control is slightly more limited with these factors – it’s always important to make the effort. You may be surprised how some of the following areas could be affecting your ranking.

Amazon reviews – This is an obvious one. What do 85% of users on Amazon do before committing to a transaction? They check out previous customer testimonials and reviews. This is definitely a ranking factor, so get those follow-up emails ready and kindly ask your customers for their feedback.

Product images – This is a surprising ranking factor – but the higher-quality your image, the higher you’ll rank. Customers want to enable zoom features and navigate images closely. After all, this is an e-commerce marketplace where people can’t get up close and personal with products beforehand.

Price & Conversion rate – You need to know your market. Take a good look at your competitors and see where your products stand within the Amazon market. Overpricing your product will have negative consequences on your ranking. Your conversion rate is loosely monitored by a “unit session percentage”, in which you can see how many units were purchased per visit.

Amazon marketing is absolutely essential if you are using the world’s largest e-commerce marketplace for your business.

If you require further information on Amazon’s best SEO practices – contact the professionals at Kraus Marketing. We specialize in integrated digital marketing strategies that include responsive websites, comprehensive branding, social media marketing, SEO & PPC, and everything in between.