Graduate from Joomla and Drupal: Why WordPress Design Is Superior

Graduate from Joomla and Drupal: Why WordPress Design Is Superior

Graduate from Joomla and Drupal: Why WordPress Design Is Superior 1280 826 Kraus Marketing

Joomla and Drupal Cannot Match WordPress’s User Experience

Every company wants the best Content Management System (CMS) to run their website. Yet with so many to choose from, there is much debate as to which CMS reigns supreme.

WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are three popular hosts. Although Joomla and Drupal are widely used, they are not without fault. In fact, WordPress runs 75 million websites, with over 160 million downloads. There’s a reason for WordPress’s continuously comes out on top.


For starters, WordPress is the most user-friendly CMS available. No technical experience is needed, so you can set it up easily and without any headaches. WordPress has 44 thousand free plugins to choose from, compared to 26 thousand from Drupal, and only five thousand for Joomla. Joomla also does not have much of a selection for add-ons, which can really limit your customization.

Learning Curve

Joomla and Drupal also require experience in site building – especially Drupal. This means, when a client has a website created, they won’t be able to easily edit or upgrade their host without the help of a technical provider. As a result, you may not get exactly what you want in a website, nor will you know how to address any minor issues. Even if you were to try to contact experienced Drupal developers, there aren’t as many readily available to help as those who work with WordPress.


WordPress has hundreds of millions of users. If you encounter a problem, odds are someone has gone through the same thing and will be able to share their solution. With a large community of users, people are likely to offer tips and insights.


WordPress also excels in SEO best practices which are vital for website visibility. There are ample SEO plugins that optimize your content and analyze your pages to find and insert effective keywords. Each page can be formatted to move up search result rankings and increase visitors to your site.

Mobile Rendering

The themes that WordPress offers all have mobile-optimized versions that ensure that your site looks just as good on mobile device as it does on desktop. This will become increasingly important given Google’s continued efforts towards mobile-first search algorithms. Mobile-optimized sites will get priority whenever Google is searching for websites relevant to a search.

With all the customizable features that are simple to change and maintain, it is no surprise that large companies like TIME, CNN, and Mashable use WordPress instead of Joomla and Drupal to build their websites, which see incredibly high amounts of traffic.

WordPress simplifies the process for you to make an intricate and high-quality website and an efficient CMS. Using the other CMSs will result in valuable time being wasted on set up when you could be focused on getting your content to the public.

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