Weekly Social Media Update: April 14th, 2017

There have been a lot of changes in the social media world this past week.


  • Facebook Messenger is continuing to grow. This past July, the tool reached 1 billion users. This past week, it is up to 1.2 billion! Although there has been some push-back from Facebook users that do not like having a separate app for privately speaking to friends, the launch of Facebook Messenger Lite is attributed to the growth.
  • Last week, we shared that Facebook was releasing a new update to beta iOS and Android users. This past week, people using the Messenger app might have noticed a little “M” logo near the textbox. The tool is powered by Facebook’s AI and pops up in chats when it thinks that it can help you. M can help you find stickers that match the conversation, share your location, set reminders, sending money, planning events, get a ride, and start a poll.
  • Facebook is taking steps to connect its user base in real life. This summer, they will be hosting an inaugural Communities Summit in Chicago. The event will take place on June 22nd and 23rd. The purpose of the event is to help people in similar groups meet. Facebook is covering hotel and food, however, attendees need to pay for their flight. Admins of Facebook Groups can apply to attend the event.


  • Have you ever thought about using Snapchat as a job tool? McDonald’s in Australia has! The fast food chain is using a Snapchat filter that enables potential employees to wear a uniform and submit a 10-second video app.
  • Snapchat is working hard to stay competitive in the advertising market. It has now launched a location-based service that informs businesses if someone went to their store after viewing an ad.


  • Twitter is partnering with more companies to help brands receive in-depth information about video ads. The companies it is partnering with are Moat and Integral Ad Science.

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