The Facebook Rebrand Explained

The Facebook Rebrand Explained

The Facebook Rebrand Explained 1280 804 Kraus Marketing

Facebook Rebrands to FACEBOOK to Clarify App Ownership

Fifteen years after the launch of its original app, Facebook is updating its branding to include and clarify the products owned by the company. This rebranding aims to set the Facebook parent company apart from the Facebook app.

Facebook’s new company name has been redesigned to feature a capitalization and typography format using all capital letters and a shifting color scheme. The color shifts from its traditional blue to the purple gradient of Instagram and green of WhatsApp. Facebook plans to roll out this new branding across its products and marketing in the coming weeks, even launching a new website. Where Facebook usually has the lowercase blue or white “f” logo, it will now feature “from FACEBOOK” in the color of whichever app with which it is being associated.

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Dissatisfied with the credit Facebook was receiving for the ownership of Instagram and WhatsApp, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg began the rebranding process in June by adding “from Facebook” to its products.

Facebook initially considered creating an entirely new name for the overarching company but decided to maintain its name in order to “own what we stand for, the decisions we make, our responsibility to people, and how our brands relate to each other,” according to Facebook CMO Antonio Lucio.

Moving forward, Facebook plans to integrate Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram Direct to allow communication across apps. The main services owned by the company include the Facebook app, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, Workplace, Portal, and Calibra.

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